Mark Levinson suggestion please

Always interested in the brand, however, never had the chance to try it. I am putting together a system for my friend which include a set of B&W N802 speakers, thinking about trying Mark Levinson amp(s) to go with them, I would appreciate suggestion as to the most cost effective "used" Levinson to get---hopefully under $4000, but will consider going over. Also, if home theater is a consideration, for the same budget, should I consider other brands?
I would suggest a Mark Levinson No. 23.5. Used it runs around $2,500.
It will have the oomph you need (@200 wpc) and will also have some of the best sonics that Mark Levinson ever put out, short of his monoblocks. (But those would cost a bit more.
My two cents worth.
I'm by no means a Levinson expert, but I understand the No. 23.5 to be a very fine used amp. You don't seem many of them for sale though, and usually they go fast when they come up. I always consider that to be a good sign when considering used gear.

BTW, I have a No. 23 that I'm pleased with...
I third the 23.5 (the 23 is OK but the 23.5 is truly special) There's one for sale on the Gon right now, unless it's sold -- they go fast.

It will work best using its balanced input, so plan on a preamp with a balanced output. A used Levinson 26s would be the perfect match -- if you can find one it will cost more than the amp! However there's a 28 preamp for $995 which would be a good match. It doesn't have the onboard phono, but you'd want an external phono preamp if you do vinyl.

If you want to do HT, you'll need a processor and a multichannel amp (or multiple amps.) All are available in the current Levinson line (at over ten times your budget ;--)
Thanks guys for the suggestion!! I will certainly look into the 23.5. Too bad, the one listed here on Audiogon has been sold.

How about the newer 331 and 380S? are they any good? are they a good match?

I hate to sound like an echo but I normally run an ML 23.5 and an ML 27 in bi-amp mode for my SS setup. I happen to think it's incredible. I am getting ready to upgrade the 27 to a 27.5 and get the caps on both amps replaced. It's going to cost me plenty but I'm pretty much married to them. I really think they are one of the best used amps in the $2500 price range. Strangely enough I am without speakers at the moment and I'm looking to upgrade to B&W 802's

Could it be that great minds think alike?
levinson amps/preamps have improved greatly over the years, and while the 23.5 is still a good amp (with tons of clean power), it doesn't throw much of a soundstage (i know, i owned one).
the 331/332/333 series got bested by the pass aleph 3 in an embarassing comparison in stereophile (which you can now get for $950 on audiogon). but if you move up to the 334/335 or the new 400 series, you will get a big jump in transparency and soundstaging. i'm partial to the 334 due to the more robust design and reportedly better bass over the newest amps, but that may be more opinion than fact.
i also had B&W matrix 801's years ago, and they were/are very resolving speakers, so the nautilus line is probably even more so. the differences noted above will be very evident on N-802's. as for home theatre, you should consult with a dealer for less expensive brands if you're going to add alot of other speakers/amps/HT processors. but for faithful reproduction of 2 channel music, levinson ain't bad. (rowland's okay too...)
It just goes to show ya; one of the things I like best about my system is the realistic and detailed soundstage -- whether it's a jazz combo or an orchestra. I don't know if it's the 23.5 amp or just the way the whole system is assembled, but it's pretty impressive.