Mark Levinson / Voltage Conversion US = Europe

Hi folks. Probably this question was already asked once before in these threads, however I could not find anything so far.

My situation: I am living in the US right now and would like to get a 326 / 431 / 390s. At some point of time (one year or so) my contract will end and I might go back to Germany.

I can not afford to get these components new, so I would buy them used in good condition, which is still a good junk of money.

However before I make this relatively big investment I wanted to know following: Is there someone someone who would professionally convert the components from US voltage to European (German) standard. It does not matter if here in the US or in Germany or in Europe.

So, to get an answer to my question I called the customer support at harman/madrigal in the US and they told me technically this would not be an issue, but they do this only for the original owner and only if you have proof of leaving the US. Apparently "just" a power-supply-platine and the back-cover would have to be changed.
For pre-owned components they referred me to the importer in Germany to check with them if they would do it. So, I called them (Sun Audio in Munich) and they told me that they will not do it either because of TUeV and CE reasons, which I think is complete BS.

Sure, I can understand that they are trying to protect their overseas market, but I look at it from this side: Every used model which is sold, creates a demand for a new one. Like I said this would only work for me, because prices are lower here, and there is no way for me to afford these components overseas.

My question now: Does anyone have experience with a conversion from US to European voltage? Who / Where / How long / How much / What to do / What not to do / etc.

Please let me know.
Thank you for your response in advance.
I had the same problem. Mark Levinson is defending its 9200 euro extraprice levvel, instead of 6000 USD price level. Now, dealers also defending their profit share. Normal step down transformer does not help you as ML has an inbuilt chip, which ensures that the machine only works, if it gets 60hz. There are two solutions. One, you find a technician who has the drawings of the player and able to circumvent this chip. I know one, but in my country, which probably makes difficult for you to get him. The second is that you buy a PS Audio P300 powerplant (US model), which able to have 230v/50hz inlet (there is an internal switch inside the PP with which you could change the unput voltage from 110v to 230v). The P300 will output for you 110v/60hz. as far as I know, this is the only one solution. Additonally, you may benefit using the P300 as far as quality of soundprint concerned. I also advise you to get an extra transport, if you plan to buy an ML cd-player. The optical unit after certain hours gets wrong. There wont be dealer which help you to fix it. If you lucky, you may get one transport for around 1200 euro!!!!, but if you in Germany, it is likely that they just dont talk with you. You know, rules are rules, especially in that country. So, the only one soulution will be to sending back your player to Madrigal for big sum to US or use it as a DAC only.
I had exactly the same problem with my Levinson ML3 power amp when I moved to France.
I contacted ML (Madrigal at the time) who were very understanding and proposed to re-wire and service the amp at reasonable cost (sorry can't remember as this was 8 years ago!). Just had to ship the amp off to them.
Unfortunately, since than there happened some things with ML. Now, their customer service is declining to give any meaningful help, and advising you to turn the local dealer, who does not help you neither.
"Proceed + Mark Levinson amplifiers "
What I would do is looking out for used items offered by US dealers. The rewiring for an electrician or expert is indeed a piece of cake. I asked around how to rewire McIntosh-units (a MC402) and was sent the internal McIntosh-manual how to rewire. Officially, dealers cannot rewire US-units for European customers, in reality they can, an do.
there is a module you can buy from levinson to change someof the units to 240v but after you reboot you need to enter a code for it to work.

the french concessionaire is happy to make the conversion on non new models for a reasonable price
I can say with 100% confidence that under the metal shielding inside the 326, you can place a jumper to set the voltage from anything between 110 and 240 Volt 50 and 60Hz.
So you do not need a dealer or anyone else to assist you.
I am almost sure you can do the same with the 436.
As for the 390 I do not know, but I would be very surprised if it would be different from the other two.
326S is protected by an electronic circuit, as soon as the voltage is altered, you can no longer use the unit unless a Pass Code is entered. Not all European ML distributor is willing to support/provide this code.

Not sure if ML does that to the power amp.
I have found no evidence whatsoever that the 326S or the 320S has any electronic circuit to sense the mains voltage.
You can simply change a jumper for a different mains voltage.

I know what I am talking about because I took the preamp apart, and analysed the whole thing in detail and documented every circuit.

Those kind of horrifying stories are just invented by those who want to prevent cross border selling.
You simply should not believe all nonsense that is being told.
T024484 - did you try to run it from 230V / 50Hz mains ? I'm asking since my Krell KRC-3 amp also "looked" to be easy to convert (there are 3 switches inside that change the voltage), but after setting them to 230V the amp would not start from stand-by. I had to replace the chip inside the amp to make it work.
how about 360s from 240V to 120V , do i need a code or is it an internal jumper?
I was wrong in assuming that that was no such thing as monitoring the AC frequency.
In the 320S/326S, there is a half wave rectified ac signal being fed to a small voltage regulator (78L05).
This voltage regulator produces a neat 50 or 60Hz block wave which is TTL compatible.
This signal is called "AC Clock" on the PCB. I haven't tried out if this signal is checked against a reference, but let's assume that it probably is.

To make your 320S/326S work with a different frequency, can be solved in three ways:
1) you feed this small voltage regulator from an external source with the frequency that it is expecting . You will have to solder on the mainboard for that, or
2) you install another Eprom in the square Eprom socket, being the correct one for the required frequency. No soldering required.
3) you ask ML to change the Eprom for you.
It a gamble but I've bought a ML390s in the US and did the conversion myself. There was no password code and it was as simple (for someone who studied older electronics, like my father) as moving a jumper to the correct position.

If you look closely at the following picture: you'll see a white jumper block (8 positions) with copper jumpers. On the picture the jumpers are currently set at 110v (starting from the top that's (2/3 and 5/6)) and should measure something like 27 ohm between line and neutral (that's where the voltage cable goes in).

For 220v there only needs to be one jumper between 4 and 5 and this should measure around 98 ohm. For the 240v configuration one jumper should be set to 1 and 2 and should measure 109 ohm.

Is there anybody knows if i can convert a Mark Levinson 535H without any code to provide ?
Thanks for your replies