Martin Logan reQuests vs newer Martin Logan offerings

I'm looking at buying a friend's Martin Logan reQuests but wondering how they might compare to newer ML products.  Have they really come that far?  

The woofer/bass integration with the stat panels has been markedly improved with their latest higher end models.  Another big PLUS has been the addition of Anthem Room Correction, for optimizing overall bass response for your particular room and setup.

That said, the ML Request was/is still an excellent speaker, with a slightly larger stat panel than many of the newer models.  If the panels and woofers are still in good shape, you could add a separate ML BalancedForce sub (with the appropriate downloaded profile matching the Request), and be quite happy with the result.
Cool good info..  But you're saying ML comes with ARC?  My Anthem amp has ARC already.  I'm assuming it's the same.
Yes, it's essentially the same.  With ML speakers, it's used only for optimizing the bass response. 

I suggest posting your question over at if you'd like more responses.
I owned ML's for almost 15 years. The stator panel definitely has a shelf life. I'd communicate with ML about the Requests. If the panels need changing out, that's not a inconsiderable cost.
I started out with ML Preface (non-electrostatic) for my fronts years ago. I quickly moved to a pair of used ReQuests which sounded great passively bi-amped. Currently I have the Summit Xs with their integrated pair of powered 10" woofers. The ReQuests are now my surround speakers. 
The ReQuests displayed a wider soundstage in my room. The Summit Xs are a bit brighter and more detailed. Their main difference is the bass is so much more natural and integrated. I have the Summits powered with a 100 WPC Rogue Atlas Magnum II tube amp. It sounds better than any SS amp I've used.
I am still enjoying the ReQuests with their original panels, but have a spare pair of lightly used panels for backup if needed. If you keep the panels vacuumed, they should last for years. As a last resort, you can pull the panels and wash them. (See Martin Logan's Owner Site).
If you keep the panels vacuumed, they should last for years. As a last resort, you can pull the panels and wash them. (See Martin Logan's Owner Site).
So their limited lifespan is mainly related to dust accumulation? Or is it something related to repeated micro - arching (due to dust particles) identifiable by the typical low level buzz noises sometimes heard when putting your ear next to the charged panel when no music is playing?  How often is it OK to vacuum them? (I\m doing it every 2 months or so; I wouldn't mind doing more often if this would prolong their life)
I vacuum my Summit Xs, ReQuests, and Stage speakers every 2-3 months. I don't think it would be beneficial to vacuum any more. I've never experienced any arcing or buzzing noises in the 15 years I've had electrostatics.I bought the ReQuests used, so they are older than that.