Maryland,Wash.DC Metro area

Would like to start a club, or a small group of audiophiles, whereby we can network and share experiences about our favorite neurotic passtime.
I'd probably benefit from the advice of 'local' audiophiles so I'd like to see such a club start up. I'm afraid I have more problems and few if any answers or things to discuss. I'm really on the very low end of audiophile and seem to have put together a poor reciever (NAD 7100)/CD (Marantz CD63)/Speaker (B&W 602) combo. The upper high freqencies are too harsh. Especially when voices sing words with 's' in them, sounds like a prolonged 'zzzzzz'. Any advice?
I am in Reston, and I guess I am not a big 'club' person. If this turns in to something pretty informal, count me in. I have a system with which I am very happy, still learning a lot about taming my room and getting the acoustics right. Would love some help!
I would be interested in seeing people share experiences, advice, and system/listening suggestions. I'm in Rockville. Let me knwo if something forms.
Hey! Lets get it going!
I'm in alexandria. I know a few people from work who would be into it, and I know a few in the national symphony are way into it.
i'm about 10 minutes west of fredneck - er, i mean frederick. club-stuff doesn't go over too well chez-sedon, what w/me also active w/alfas, panteras, motorcycles, & two young children. (and, this time of the year, ~6 hrs of mowing/week). but, who knows - i mite be up for sometin', sometime...

saxatilis, ewe can ameliorate what is prolly yust a typical case of digital nastiness by inserting an ase z-man, or a musical fidelity (x-10?) tubed buffer-stage between the nad & the marantz. this was the only way i could tolerate cd's, until i got a decent tube preamp. as these tings were only ~$200 brand-gnu, they're quite reasonable on the used market...

also, for those into jazz, latin, african, carribean music, i *highly* recommend a quality tuna, set to 89.3 - wpfw. i find that at least half my listening is now done w/the tuna as the source.

regards, doug s.

I'm near Olney, MD. I'm in the midst of building a quality 2-channel system. I'd be very interested in forming an "audio society". Let's face it, you don't run into too many audiophiles on a daily basis. At first anyway, I think it would be best to keep in an informal, social club. Music lovers enjoying music and music systems together. If, in the future, we wanted to get more formal and evolve into something like the Boston Audio Society, that would be great. For now though, let's just have some fun!
Count me in. I live in Baltimore...and have the audiophile bug big time!!! Let me know if anything develops.
Got to be cheaper than therapy, sound better too! I'm from So.MD.(Calvert County). Love collecting and talking about vinyl, music and audio. Count me in too
Sounds like a great idea. Just moved to Rockville from Rochester a few months ago.

Looks like there are lots of people in the area who have the same affliction I do. It started about two years ago and I'm having a blast.

I figure we can start right here, right now. The previous posts on this thread are spread out over a few months. If we can get a discussion going on this very thread, and if the discussion is good, we can think about taking the discussion elsewhere.

Like I said before, I discovered this 'hobby' about two years ago. I'm really happy with my system, but would have done things a little different if I knew then what I know now. I'm intrigued by tubes, but my speakers are very difficult to drive. I'm intrigued by vinyl, but my pre-amp has no phone stage.

In the meantime, I'm doing some work on my digital front end. Staying with redbook for the time being.

If you guys/gals are interested in getting a club going, let's start something right here.

- Charlie
Hello Everyone!

I'm in Baltimore and in love with this hobby as well as all of you. Our individual passions for this glorious hobby transcends words, and I'll bet it's unanimous the great pleasure that listening to music at home brings to you,too. So let's get it on!

From my experience (and I've been addicted to High End Audio since 1988), rarely have I met "knowledgeable" veterans of the business (i.e. "dealers") who were willing to answer my endless sundry of amateur questions. Perhaps, it's because many audiophiles are assumed to be musicians or have a technical background as engineers and, therefore, expected to know the basics before delving into a quest for the absolute sound. . . .But that's the past. At this point I'm simply elated and excited in having discovered these websites/discussion forums. Glad to be the new kid on the block!

The journals (TAS & Stereophile)have served me well over the years, and I consider myself to be (figuratively) up to speed with the mavens of high end audio. What I need from you guys is the solid rules, suggestions and can't miss-type advice. I agree that this hobby is largely a mater of personal taste, as far as achieving a sound that's "just right". Still, I'm certain that the path to every system-oasis benefits from inarguable "tweaks or better stii, synergies learned from trial and error. Sharing information of this sort assists the serious-minded as the knowledge helps to avoid repeated (expensive!) upgrading.

So, my friends, heartily I welcome all comments. Particularily those germane to the biamplification of IRS Betas (this is my cup of tea). Email me at:
I am a multimedia programmer (cd rom,website, kiosk, intranet etc) and this audio business is my religion. You guys come up with a name for a site and I will do my best to put it up.
Hi. I live in Annandale and would be very interested in this. I"ve only been into this for just over a year now, but its great fun and would be nice to talk to people with the same affliction.
I'm in Bethesda, MD and would love to get together with some fellow 'Goners. We can hold the first meeting at my place, if you like, then you guys can get a good laugh at my expense [smile]. Call me at (301) 897-8516 (nites) or send e-mail to: if you'd like to get together....
We have to do something as this thread is over a year old, maybe this can help: I'm always with the promoter at the Record Collectors Mart held at the Westpark Hotel in Tysons Corner.The next one is June 9, 2002. Anyone who attends can leave name and contact information with me and someone in that group who attends can take the collected information and run with it. I can't but want to see this at least get started. This is what I can contribute. Any intertested parties can ask for me by my AG monikor. This is getting ridiculous! But maybe this will start it off.
Now to liven things up, how many respondents have changed something in their system since this thread started and what did you change? Me, system didn't change, room did!
Hi. I am waiting for delivery of a bottlehead foreplay kit to play with in the evenings. I have also just received my new Sony SCD-333ES and am very pleased with it. I will attend the event in Tysons and hope that we can get something to move along in the right direction.
Regards, Steve.
I will try to make it to the Tyson's event, hope to meet some of you 'Goners there...
If anyone is going to the Tysons record show this weekend,ask for me at the entrance and I'll collect some information. I can't organize but will pass on to other interested in doing so. -trebleclef
Just an idea, perhaps a problem solver. What do you think?
Here's my thought. I live in Rockville, and an currently
listening to; Bryston 4B-ST amp
Bryston BP-25 pre
AQ Pythons Interconnects
AQ Granite (double runs) speaker wire
Silverline Audio Sonatina II speakers
Pioneer Elite 38A DVD (as my cdp)
I would like to upgrade my cdp, but honestly can't really
decide between at least 8 different brands. I could send
out a local search for a (for example) a Cary 303/200, and pay, say $25, maybe $35 for someone to come to my house with their Cary unit to try for maybe an hour or so. Maybe someone would like to try AudioQuest Python interconnects, I could drive to them and let them auditon them with their own system.
Any thoughts, maybe no money involved, maybe a way of helping a brother (or sister) audio nut.
I think Audiogon has been very helpful to us all, but the fact remains, we're hit or miss sometimes. What do you think?
I have contacted several folks who have expressed interest in forming a "club" and received positive repsonses from all.

It was suggested to me, and I concur, that we initially meet at the upcoming Tysons Corner record show being held Sun. Mar 9, 2003. If you'd like to get together with us at this event, give me a shout directly and we'll work out the details:

I hope to see you there!
I live in Baltimore. ARE THERE ANY OTHER AUDIO ENTHUSIASTS IN BALTIMORE? If so, please respond.
Are Wash DC/VA audio enthusiasts meeting? this thread began in 2001 and has been lightly posted since then. NMC
I know that, like myself, there are several Agon members from the area who have not posted to this thread (a couple of whom I've met when buying stuff, and more who post in this forum). In my case, it's basically due to a few factors: I'm not a 'club' kinda guy ; I don't relish having to host audiophile gatherings at my house (or truth be told, any gatherings really...) ; I tend not to like or play a lot of the types of music that most audiophiles seem to be into ; a lot of the types of music that I do like and play I would expect most audiophiles *not* to be into (or at least not to have any audiophile use for, since they're often of pretty primitive fidelity) ; I don't particularly care - or care to know - about others' opinions of the sound of my system ; I wouldn't expect to necessarily want to hang out with or even befriend other Agoners simply because they're audiophiles (none of my regular friends are) ; and finally, I actually don't consider myself to be enough into audiophilia (in fact, it often as not rubs me the wrong way) to justify such an ongoing commitment, even though the occasional audition of interesting gear might be fun. In short, I'm just not hardcore enough to see myself ever doing the club 'thing', or having a lot in common with the members of one (and I can't stand having to listen to music I dislike). Plus, I wouldn't think I'd have a lot of information to impart, since I avoid dealers, never go to audio shows, don't tend to change my own gear very frequently, and have no audio-buddies. Just in case anybody was wondering... ;^)
I'm an audiophile in Bowie, MD...just 15 miles north of DC. Recently, I've got into vinyl, and am astounded at the sound quality that is available in a well-recorded record.

I'm definatley interested in forming a club.
I'm a neurotic audiophile (that's redundant, I know) who lives in Columbia, MD. Based on the dearth of chat on this site about starting a club, I'm already discouraged. I think getting together occasionally to discuss equipment, delusions, and perhaps music would be fun and maybe educational. Since folks may be reluctant invite strangers to their homes (at least initially), maybe a local high-end dealer might be approached to host the first few meetings for a local audio club. Could be a way of generating more business, too. Any suggestions?
I'm of a similar mind as Zaikesman, above. Frankly, I don't really give a damn so much about the equipment, it's the music that matters to me. For that, I generally download live shows off the Internet - I'm heavy into the "jamband" scene and I can find tons of stuff that pleases me at

And, like Zaikesman, I'm not much into the music that most "audiophiles" seem to enjoy - I have an HDCD copy of "Jazz at the Pawnshop", and, while it sounds good, I think I have listened to it *maybe* two times in 3 years - the music is simply not my cup o' tea.

Having said all that, I would still be interested in learning of and/or hearing new (to me) music - but I am *never* gonna be a hardcore jazz/punk/techno/metal fan, much less a consumer of Brazilian nose flute music...

So, if you're into jambands, rock, rockabilly, _some_ country, _some_ classical (I like works where everyone in the orchestra is earning his pay), let's compare notes and maybe even swap some music.

But, if you wanna sit around and try to hear the differences between your CDP sitting on this cone or that cone, count me out - life's too short to sweat those details, IMHO...
I`ve posted ages ago on this thread. since then i`ve been to 3-4 meetings a year affiliated with the Bottlehead forum and the Madisound forum. If anyone is interested i`ll see if i can find a room to use somewhere and host a meeting. It doesn`t have to be a huge audiophile thing, but it is fun to hang out and play good music and check out all the different equipment.
I just think that we should do something rather than just talking endlessly!
Castlesteve - Count me in. I live in Howard Co, MD, and work in Montgomery Co, MD. You apparently have had experience with audio clubs, and your offer to find a location is a big step in getting something started. Perhaps we can hear further interest from a few others now...shoot for a first meeting say in early or mid fall? It's surprising with the large Wash Metro population, there's been no activity to date. Let's change that! John
Hey! Im up for it also. I live in Vienna Va and would like to chat and get together. I currently meet with two other locals, Gainsville and Wash DC, in the area frequently.
I am in Alexandria. I think I can drum up about four other people in the Alexandria and Falls Church area who would be interested. One crazy that I know has more than a dozen amplifiers ranging from SET 45s to SET 211s to huge Krell monoblocks.

I have one place in mind and am making enquiries as to whether we can use it. If anyone else knows of a facility let me know.
I am in the middle of changing my speakers and amplifiers at the moment. I do a lot of DIY as it saves money and is very satisfying. I am building 300B push pull monoblocks and a new set of 3 way speakers so i have my work cut out for me. We could maybe meet one evening over a drink or food and get to know each other to break the ice a little.
I like the suggestion about meeting somewhere - a restaurant or nice (quiet) bar - for dinner and/or drinks to get to know one another and talk about the feasibilty of organizing a formal club or semi-formal group. I live in Columbia, but work in Montgomery Co., so I'm not far from D.C. or the N. Va areas for something after work. I could do a Saturday, too. Need to determine which location would be most convenient to do the ice breaker. Maybe shoot for something in 2-3 weeks? JS
I'd be interested in meeting. I work in Reston, VA. Feel free to email me or if I can think of something, I'll keep everyone posted.
So how is this budding club coming along? I know a few guys at work who are into the 2 channel or HT. I think they would also be interested. You can see the beginnings of my HT/2 channel system at:
Greetings All,

Love to know if the club ever got off the ground. I would be very interested. I recently moved to Reston from Richmond VA - and looking for some fellow local nuts. I actually partnered with a local dealer and a couple of buddies in Richmond to form the Richmond Audio Society, it was great fun and the club is still going strong with about 40 serious members.

See the link:

We met on Sundays every other month on such topics as: Source shoot out, cable shoot out, DIY day, Buy-sell-swap day, System crawl, etc. We also had manufacturers like Homegrown Audio, & Sophia Audio come talk to us too. It was a lot of fun and I would love to get involved with a club in the area if one exist.

Please shoot me an e-mail if any members read this.

Thanks All,
As far as I can tell, nothing's happening. It's pretty sad that in the entire D.C.-Balto. region there's no audio club. I think a club would have to be centered around a high-end dealer, such as perhaps Soundworks in Kensington, MD, to have any real chance of getting off the ground. It would be fun to talk with fellow audiophiles (I'm a 2-ch type myself but I can accept those followers of HT) to enrich a great hobby, explore new equipment and ideas, share tweaks, and the celebrate joy of music. It's too bad we have such a geographical spread of potential memebers. It's still possible...I think we need to give it a try. JS
I'd be interested, but if its "centered" around Soundworks, you can count me out.
Yea, I am in Herndon VA and would be interested! However, if it has anything to do with SoundJerks, count me out..
I'm Starting a club, whether anyone shows up or not.

It will be in the Owings Mills, MD Area starting in May, I am in the process of negotiating the facilities to meet. Depending on the size of the group and the diversity of the interests will dictate how the group will meet and how often. The room I have in mind will hold 150 people so I don't think I need to be optomistic about the facilities being large enough

I'm giving significant lead time for planning as meetings will begin in May.

My plan is to meet once a month for a given topic;

for example

week 1 of Month; Home Theater/Multichannel
week 2 of Month; Tubes/analog/tweaks/Accessories
week 3 of month; Technical/How To/DIY
week 4 of month; Special guest/presentation/trip/social

You are welcome to come every week or once a month. Note there will not be a 2 channel club as 2 channel is the basis of all the above systems.

Early members will help shape this club as I want the club to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and foremost be as much fun as it is educational.

The Working Title for this club is the
Baltimore Washington Audiophile Social Club,

I know Social and Audiophile in the same heading looks strange but lets give it a try. If you have ideas or want to be contacted directly as dates are firmed up, I'd appreciate an RSVP.

Thank you.
I'll be there! Having our first meeting in May sounds good except for the week of May 23-27, when I'll be on business travel. Thanks for taking the initative. Yes, I agree, the club should be fun as well as educational. Mixing a bit of social activity with one's hobby is sure to enhance and set the tone for the club. Being a 2-channel music type means I probably won't contribute much to home theater topics but I want to learn more about multichannel sound - I think this is the direction for more realistic SACD or DVD-A based musical enjoyment. I still don't know what do do about a sub-woofer for my system. I'm also interested in tweaks and CD recommendations. Perhaps we can do CD sharing to discover new music. The Owings Mills area is not inconvenient for me coming from Columbia. Hope it's the case for other potential members. Let's do everything we can to finally get this thing off the ground - the Balto-Wash area should have an audio-social club. Keep us posted on your efforts to secure a location and any assistance you may need. Thanks! JS
I would be very interested in coming to this. Thanks for doing something to move this forward. I never seem to have any time to persue this.
Thanks for your responses,

Like I said early people get to shape the club, those are just some ideas above. Two channel guys can come every week in my mind because the discussion will be oriented from the perspective of two channel systems.

Eventually It would be nice for the DC crowd to find a venue and make the Baltimore people drive every other month etc.

Just so DC people know from Tyson's corner va. to the proposed space 50 minute drive.
Thanks for taking the initiative with this. I'm very much interested in a club of this kind. My passion is two channel, SET and OTL, and high efficiency single driver speaker designs - but, I'm interested in all aspects of audio and music. I'm in the Columbia area.

Best regards,
I would like to participate as well and live in Baltimore. May have a few extra people as well.
I am interested. Thanks Cinematic systems for getting the ball rolling. The first meeting to determine that nature and scope of the group activities should be really interesting. I have no idea where most of the interest of other hobbyist lie.
Thanks for your posts, next week I will have much more specific details, dates, times and a probable address. Just dotting I's and crossing T's before disclosing any information.

Just so you know the first meeting or two will likely be a Saturday or a Sunday to try to eliminate traffic and schedules as an issue.

For those who cannot make it , a website will have all the topics discussed and allow members to participate in voting etc.