MC Cartridge suggestions for oracle Delphi and sme IV

Hey everyone recently upgraded my Delphi MKIII suspension to MK6 status, including the MVSS upgrade. I am currently looking to upgrade or get a spare cartridge for my turntable and Sme IV tonearm and currently have a dynavector xx2 mkII running right now. I have settled it down to 4 based on reviews, price range  and local store stock.

The four I have nailed it down to is dynavector 20x2L, Lyra Delos , Hana ML and Goldnote Donatello Gold.

 I am planning to run the turntable through a Music first classic step up transformer with 3 different step up and lodging ratios, into a Cary SLP -98p phono preamp. And a Cary cad 120s amp to totem speakers. Also changed the stock sme tonearm and phono cable to a Kimber TAK HB hybrid silver and copper phono cable. I know the sme IV is a very dry tonearm, so wondering what would be a better match? And most importantly will give me the best bass performance and response  from my turntable is a huge factor and the most detail form this amazing turntable. Pretty set on the Lyra but wondering if it will be to bright for my system and the 20x2 has some of the best bass slam I’ve heard yet.
I listen to classic rock some techno to jazz and 80’s R&B also  Today pop, have a lot 180gram and old vinyl in my collection. If that helps.
Easy choice Jake. Go with the Lyra and you will never look back. Word of caution. The SME is a fairly light arm with an effective mass of 10 grams. That is too light for any of these cartridges. To get the best bass performance you will probably have to add some weight to the head shell.
All kinds are available. The best way to tell how much is to get a test record with horizontal and vertical resonance bands. The Hi FI News Analog Test LP is the one I use. You add weight until you get the resonance below 12 Hz but no less than 8 Hz. I try to get as close to 8 Hz as I can.

Dear @jakecanada : You need ato try a different sound signature than your Dyna ( that's very good cartridge. ) and I owned the SME IV and V paired with Lyra cartridges and in your budget the Delos is a good choice but if you can find out the Kleos near your budget way recommended:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,