McIntosh 830

I’m enjoying the weekend with a new pair of Mc 830’s
Anyone else running these ? Would like to chat them up !
Not yet, but I've been curious about these. How's your experience been with them? What's your set up?
It’s my first McIntosh ownership but so far it’s way ahead of anything I’ve owned before now. I’m currently running the 830’s from the preamp section of my 8900 integrated with a node 2i doing the Tidal high res thing. I’m looking at replacing the 8900 with a c2700 ?
Is the Node 2i your DAC or the 8900? Either way, I think you are doing a disservice to the amps and preamp (yes, the C2700 would be better) by not getting a better DAC/Streamer.
I’ve tried both DAC’s and prefer the 8900 DAC via coax. You are probably right though but considering I’m new to the high res streaming it’s sounding pretty good. At this point I’d rather put money towards a pair of La Scalas than a better DAC.
What are your speakers? It seems like you spent a lot on amps and preamp. Your amp implies you definitely will get a much better sound with upgrading your streaming/DAC solution. 
Currently speakers are Sonus Fabre sonetto fives 😃

What are you currently running ?
I guess I'm just not sure how you're allocating budget with the 830 monoblocks. They're like $8k, right? If you are spending that much on amps, and $5k on speakers, spending like $2000 or so on a good DAC seems like a logical next step, unless you don't listening to digital music. There are so many great options. What do I have? I'm not sure why it matters, but my current list of DACs (in order of most used): dCS Rossini+Clock, dCS Bartok, Chord Hugo 2, RME ADI-2, Lynx Aurora (n), Mytek Manhattan 2, Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, Theta Casablanca V.
400+ at 4 Ohm, NICE!

  Don’t pay much mine, your speakers are just fine for these amps.

  I was razzed for quite a while with my setup, and my speakers being trash, or firewood, etc etc.
 if you like it, that is all that matters. Enjoy, those amps are wicked cool!!

 300+ into any speaker is great, that is the minimum anyone should have, for detailed punch, crunchy mids, and nice highs!