McIntosh Amplifier Gain Specs at Speaker Taps


The gain specs for many McIntosh amplifiers is different for each of the speaker impedance taps, for example the 2-ohm terminal says 23 db gain, the 4-ohm terminal is 26 db, etc.  

If I have 8-ohm nominal speakers but want to use the lowest gain terminal - the 2-ohm / 23 db terminals, would there be any negative influence in sound quality?  

My preamp gain is high and sounds best with amplifiers with 20-23 db gain or adjustable gain.  Thanks. 


I do not yet have the amplifier.  If people have successfully used the 2-ohm taps with 8-ohm speakers that will be an encouragement to consider one.  

I tried it on my McIntosh power amp driving GE Triton Reference speakers. @ 2 ohms there was no life to the speakers, @4 ohms it was better, @8 ohms it was just right. 

I drive my thiels with the four ohm tap on my 501s. They are four ohm speakers and work best on this tap.