McIntosh MT-10 Turntable -- thoughts/expectations

Well, looks like McIntosh will be shipping their first attempt at a turntable -- after 50+ years in the business -- guess, better late than never. Yep, comes with a big blue meter, no less, as a speed indicator (33, 45 or 78). Of course, a big blue meter wasn't enough -- the massive platter glows too. Understand everything was inhouse (cartridge too???). Includes a composite arm with external p/s and a .05mV MC cartridge. Tracking force, anti-skate and cartridge position are factory set. Understand price is in the $8K range. Not much on McIntosh web site yet -- has me intrigued. Any thoughts or expectations -- or did anyone hear it at CEDIA??
I just googled it.I like the looks and the idea that it's a complete system. Looking forward to it being reviewed and hopefully compared to the competion.
I spoke with a my dealer that saw it at CEDIA. He is a turntable specialist, in that he seems to know more about TT's than anyone I have met in all my years of this hobby.
He had nothing good to say about it, which I take with a grain or two of salt as he is always bashing my McIntosh equipment. Not that he thinks it is bad equipment it is just that he wants to sell me more of his stuff. Now with the preface out of the way, he say the arm looked really like an old design concept and the rest of the table looked as if it was "McIntosh overbuilt" without regard to the actual playback requirements of a TT in this price range. His opinion not mine. I would still want to hear it. Although I doubt very much I would buy it. I think McIntosh has developed some great Pre-Amps and Amps and a few CD players but that is where I look at other brands.
All just MHO
As far as the McIntosh-site on audiokarma goes, the TT is built by Clearaudio of Germany, not by McIntosh. There is already an ongoing, mostly negative discussion over there - most Mc-fans don´t like the look for a TT.
If you go to the Clearaudion website, it looks like the MT-10 is a modified Avantguarde Magnum. They use the same platter. The Mac plinth is different, being of different materials with the motor housed in the assembly.

Also the MT-10 cartridge has identical specs to the Clearaudio Talisman- looks like they just rebadged the carttrige.

Wonder how it sounds?
Can't understand why McIntosh would go forward with such a gamble as this "laughable" Table?

Makes little sense to set up a table from the factory?

They'll sell some, as there's always some Mac fanatics that just have to have one, but I predict it will be a total flop.

Instead of wasting time with such junk, why didn't McIntosh instead market a couple of nice dedicated Phono Stages? Other than integral, the only Phono Stage I can recall them making was I believe the MP-1? (Correct me if I'm wrong on the Model #)

They certainly have the abilities to make both a great Tube, and a great SS version.

So that's what that big stupid blue meter is for, for speed? Geesh! Like somebody who shells out $8K really needs to know this? Mark
I guess McIntosh has been doing some market research, and I imagine that in Asia especially customers will go for the TT especially for its trademark meters and because it´s a Mac.
Florian Hassel
The "speed meter". I suppose it looks cool, but if you read the turntable manual, you will find that you can't adjust the speed without a "special test record" and a technician.

They don't give you any specs for the tonearm- no geometry or tonearm mass.

Since it is factory setup, I suppose they are aiming for a "high end" Rega or Project type customer. Hassle free for the user and if anything goes wrong call the McIntosh dealer.

If you like to do it yourself, doesn't look like the way to go. But if you don't, it could be your ticket.
Sold Mac for 6 years and had to hum enough Mc 300/52's to wonder why anybody wold even think to use "overbuilt" McIntosh in same sentence.But look at how many overbuilt 50's pieces are still humping it.I am trying to remember what the integrated German plug and play deck from T+A (or whatever) did in sales.Too many of us geeks forget that we are vast minority of Hifi shoppers and if a salesman sells LP's,has them on hand to A/B and customer has his/her old wax is making money to afford this stuff at all,and is told that many re-issues are just fine (Classic,Speakers corner) someone who doesn't agonize might jus by it in stack and it might sell moderately.My store catered to 2nd home buyers not audio dorks and the looks and presumed quality/porice factor could keep this in catalogue have to agree w/Markd51 to some extent that they should come up with good stage and given there easy to use phlisophy a front controll for load,gain,polarity, etc even might take sales from others if person would have to go AR,EAR,Manley etc if there hip to the enjoyment of LP's.If it sounds good or is worth extra just to match up with a whole Mac rack is another question.But hell I could go back to Mac very easily while not precise like lot's of other gear and pricey they have a ard to define "musicality" and are anything but sterile (I sold Krell right nex o them as two main high end brands.Remember it's a drop in bucket to folks who nicest thing is those blue meters and the touch screen that makes it all work.
I am getting this table today and will advise on the sound. I don't have mcintosh gear to go along with it but had problems with my other table and my dealer mad me a sweet deal on this table, so I can't refuse it. Now he's already starting to mention getting all mcintosh stuff. I don't think I want to go there just yet.
This table is the best money I've spent on my system to date. I highly reccomend it. Mcintosh must've went to great length to make sure the user gets it setup properly so they enjoy the best music possible. They have so much detail and so many little tools and guides to go by to ensure exact setup. If I can do it anyone can. You need nothing other than what comes with the table to achieve the optimum setup. I thinks that is the way it should be. I can't imagine getting a better sound than this table is providing. Its made me realize I need to improve my other source component which I didn't think was that important until now. I will be looking for new cd and sacd player now to replace mine. Before this I was wanting new amp and speakers now I know that isn't the most important thing. hope you get to experience this table and love it as much as I do.


01-16-08: Beerdraft
I can't imagine getting a better sound than this table is providing. Its made me realize I need to improve my other source component which I didn't think was that important until now. I will be looking for new cd and sacd player now to replace mine.
You may wind up chasing your tail. Maybe they're out there, but I don't know of a digital disc player that can provide the satisfaction of a $9000 turntable, or a $4000 one for that matter.

Hell, my humble Technics DD rig comes in under $1K (with platforming, mat, fluid damper, nicer headshell, MC cart, etc.), and no CD/SACD player I've heard up to $5000 is as musically and emotionally satisfying. Today an early Stray Cats LP and Ray Charles Hits double LP set easily pulled me out of a funk that had been chasing me for a few days.
Well the search is on and I'll let you know. I will probably be able to audition some stuff from my dealer to see if that sound can be anywhere close to the turntable. I understand some about the vinyl having much better sound but now I'm curious. I have some xrcd's from musicdirect and they have a much better sound than a regular cd and maybe even sacd but I don't have many sacd's. All I can say is this table and the sound its delivering thru my system is amazing.
I saw and heard the MC10 at CES. To be honest it looks a lot better in person that in print. The glowing blue platter is quite nice.

The sound coming from the mac system was nice and smooth as well. In fact one of the only rooms brave enough to play rock n roll, some dire straits and eagles if I remember - which gave McIntosh a big tick of approval from me at least.
Funn you shouldsay that I have the eagles hotel california, haven't put it on yet. I have listened to my dire straits oh can't think of the title but it has "I want my mtv" and is a two album set. it really sounds great with this table. The soundstage is literally comming from atleast 5 feet behind the speakers and great imaging accross the stage. One of my personal favorates at this time.