McIntosh Revel & JL

I'd appreciate recommendations for power and cabling infrastructure improvements.
McIntosh electronics consisting of MC402 amp, C2200 tube preamp, MCD500 SACD/Cd/Dac. Speakers are Revel Ultima Salon 2's.
I need power supply, power cable IC and speaker. I'm pretty sold on buying as much as possible from one manufacturer and within one model line.
For a power supply, I was thinking Running Springs Haley.
BTW, I currently have Kimber Hero IC's and 8TC speaker cable.
I use all Kimber Select in my system and have the Kimber Palladians. Used to have a RSA Duke and Danielle. Sold them and now use Sound Applications. I also have a MC402, C41, C2200 and use the stock power cords from McIntosh. McIntosh recommends their stock cords and the amps be plugged directly into a dediacted 20 amp circuit for the amp. The sources can be plugged into a line conditioner. A proper dedicated ac for the amp and sources is the way to go. Don`t skip on the ac receptacles.
Forgot to add, since you have McIntosh, they have a line conditioner added to their line up. It`s called the MPC1500. Check it out.
I'm going to do the dedicated circuits and receptacles.
One circuit for the amp and preamp, one circuit for the digital.
Is the Sound Applications an improvement over the Running Springs?
Do you have the amp and preamp on the SA or just your source?
The Sound Applications was an improvement over the RSA`s but at more cost. My amps are plugged directly into the wall on their own 20 amp circuit.(I have 4 20 amp dedicated circuits for the audio. My video is separate) The SA has the sources and preamp plugged into it. The SA has it`s own 20 amp circuit.
Do the dedicated circuits first. Use your stock cords on your McIntosh equipment, amp. preamp, and the mighty 500, all stock. Plug your sources in the line conditioner MCP1500 ;) including the pre. Keep your Kimber Kable as is.
Wpines, F1fanatic has given excellent advice. I have 501's plugged directly into dedicated 20 amp lines with stock power cords. Your are absolutely making the right move with dedicated lines, one of the biggest improvements I have ever made. I have tried tons of cables and have settled on Kimber Select for IC's, 1021's and 1016's, and Goertz MI 2's for SC. 8TC is an outstanding cable, the Goertz is better in my system, Thiels love these cables. They are the most neutral sounding cables I have tried. You have a great system...good luck with your choices!
Hey Pops, good to see you again. I really like the MC501`s with the Thiels. My dealer ran this combo alot and man it was sweet.