Meadowlark Ospreys with McIntosh/Odyssey

I am looking at a pair of Ospreys to mate with a McIntosh C2200 preamp and an Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono amp. By chance does anyone have this combo? What are your thoughts on the Ospreys in your system or when you've heard them demo'ed. I will listen to them on Saturday and the dealer will allow a home audition as well. I currently own Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MK II's for my fronts, and though they are an excellent speaker, I find them a little lacking on the low end for my room size (16 X 14'). Would the Ospreys be to big for this room size? I am also curious about your best results on placement of these. Anyhow, thank you for your insights. Dave
Hi, Canucks0:

As you may know, the sweet spot is small and you must sit nine feet or more away from the Ospreys. The port is in front, so you can place them close to the wall. Have you heard the rumor that Meadowlark is out of business? As a result, it's a buyer's market. In fact, lots of used Meadowlarks are being offered for sale on Audiogon. There were two pair of flagship Blue Heron II's for 2/3 off retail! I wouldn't pay full price for an Osprey now. The used Heron i and Heron Hotrods are a better speaker IMHO. But the Osprey is wonderful in its own right. All Meadowlarks are voiced for tube electronics. I don't care for them with solid state.
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I've had Ospreys for a year with a Plinius 9200 and they sound great IMHO. I think it depends on what SS electronics you use with them.
Ethical issues are so apparent on this issue of the Meadowlark's being sold on Audiogon. ONe person is offering it with warranty and only one person I saw states flat out that Meadowlark is out of business.

Gives you a good read on your seller to see what they disclose about Meadowlark's continuing existence.
I am thinking about updating to a Mac 2200 and an Odyssey Stratos. How does the combo sound?
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