Meitner MA-3 vs MA1 v2

How do you feel the Meitner MA-3 compares to the MA1 v2? Big step up? Currently I have a Hifi Rose 150b used as a streamer playing into the MA1 v2 via USB. The HR 150b is a better than expected streamer, and I like the Meitner sound. But the 150b has a lot of functions I do not use, and the MA1 v2 is Meitner’s entry level DAC. The MA-3 could replace both as a one box solution as it has a streamer built in (equal to their NS1). Do you think it would be a substantial improvement?


Your best course of action would be to contact them directly.

Looking at the website, it looks like the MA1-V2 is updated, and might be comparable to the DAC in the MA3-less the streamer. 

Though I haven't any experience with Meitner, I have heard very good things about them. And, they were in my sights until a Brinkmann Nyquist came up first.



Yes that seems the best way to go, thanks. I have never heard the Brinkmann but it has some great reviews and has the interesting combination of digital and tubes. Enjoy!