Meitner MA3 vs Bricasti M3?

Anyone have an opportunity to compare the Meitner MA3 and the Bricasti M3?
I just sold my Bricasti m1 se mdx for the Meitner ma3. I think the Meitner gives a little mor detail. They are both outstanding in their own way though. I didn’t get to listen to them side-by-side but I think the Meitner is one step up out of 50 steps.

I have been researching the same questions. I spoke to a dealer who sells both Bricasti and Lumin (I know you did not inquire about Lumin). He commented that the M3 plays waaaayyy above its price point. The Lumin X1 is stellar but in no way worth the price as compared to the M3. I greatly appreciated how candid he was!

Well, to answer my own question, having owned them both. I prefer the Meitner MA3 slightly over the Bricasti M3 in my system. In another system my opinion could easily be reversed. To my ears the Meitner MA3 is just a touch more relaxed (warmer? whichever term you prefer).

When you get to this level, I think it comes down to the system itself.

Both DAC's are impressive. It comes down to what you think sounds 'good'.


Right! This was in my system, in my room at a specific time.

As always, everything is subject to change.