Melody Gardot coming to Philly

Just wanted to let everyone in the area know that Melody Gardot is coming to Philadelphia September 29th. I had the pleasure of hearing her live twice and she and her band were amazing. While performing different arrangements than what's on her albums, she also does some standards. A true talent. If you're in the area, check her out at the Merriam theater. Tickets went on sale this week.
Thanks a ton Devilboy. I can get to Philly in 5 1/2 hours by car. That's a Saturday too. You're a saint to post this.
You are my new God devilboy. I was able to get tickets. I was just in Philly last week for work. I'm going to make reservations for an early dinner and spend the night after the show. Thanks again.
Ps. This should probably be posted under music but I'm glad it wasn't because there were few tickets left.
I am so jealous. The last time I checked, she was only touring in Europe. I'll have to see if she makes it to L.A. as I think she's one of the greatest out there in the here and now.

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Donjr: I wish it was closer for you but hey, at least you're getting a chance to see her. She is truly amazing. Like I said, she has different arrangements live than what's on her albums. On one song, instead of playing the keys of the piano, she reached inside the piano and started plucking strings! Once while standing at the mike she held something in her hand that was making a "rattling" sound when she shook it, and stomped her high heels onto the wooden stage to keep rhythm while singing some spiritual herself with no band. AMAZING! That's what I want to see and hear when I attend live music: artists that do something different and innovative. I hate when i hear a band and it sounds like I pressed the "play" button at home.
Nonoise. Late September is a beautiful time for a trip to Philadelphia. You can spend a few days and see the sights. Schedule a tour of the McIntosh factory which is a few hours away.
I'm thinking about attending.

If anyone's interested in a preconcert coffee or drink, please speak up.

I just revisited Gardots site and lo, she is coming to L.A. on 9/22!!!

The best I could get were mezzanine seats 3 rows from the edge of the balcony since presellers bought out all the great floor seats. Ticketmaster was good enough at $65 a pop but the resellers are charging as much as $95- $731 for the good seats!

Check out the gallery shots of where she's playing at;

It's the old Orpheum Theater in downtown LA. Quite the looker.
Looking forward to this.

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Nonoise. That's fantastic news. I didn't realize she was touring that extensively in the U.S. I know her European leg has ended. I truly appreciate the ops post about this.

On a different note I have tickets to see Madonna in Cleveland in November. My wife and I have mixed feelings about this show. Neither of us has ever been to a pop concert and we figured why not go see her. The tickets were a fortune and quite honestly I wish I had known about Melody touring the U.S. before I ordered the Madonna tickets because I may have tried to pull off two Melody shows.

Trelja. Are you thinking Philly or L.A.? I'm doing the Philly show and staying at a hotel so dinner will be in the plans. I have to research the venue yet to figure our where I'm staying and then extensive research on restaurants. We're big foodies, coffee lover's and also enjoy cocktails. We would love to share our time with any music lover's.
Yes, thanks indeed, to Devilboy for the post otherwise I would have read about this long after selling out.

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I know many will not share my opinion, but I've come to think her new one is her best. I absolutely love Brazilian music so I listen to a lot of Anthony Carlos Jobim , Milton Nascimemto, Ellis Regina etc. I understand why Melody would go this route because its beautiful music. She also lives in France and the French have an infatuation with South America. Brazilian Portuguese is also a romance language and that also feeds her artistry. Any Melody fan would of course coo over the song So Long. It almost brings me to tears every time I play it. Same goes for So we meet again my heartache. Those two songs alone are worth the price of admission. Then Lisboa, being her first song to ever be sung in Portuguese is just absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad she did this work. So far she's captured my interest and shows no sign of slowing down. I hope that anyone who poo poos this Lp keeps it close by and gives it
another chance.
Anyone who poo poos Absence has the taste of the Philistines :-)
(with all due apologies to Philistines, present and past)

I'm a bigger fan of her two earlier works with her take on what would be considered standards if not for the fact that she penned them herself.
(Harry Nillson would have been a great opener for her if only he were still alive.)
I love those songs.

Absence is great on its own: a beautiful departure into another genre of music that shows how deep and wide her talents are. I didn't know it was Portuguese she was singing and kept thinking it was French with a touch of Spanish of all things. I love it when artists sing in foreign languages that I'm not fluent in (that would be English only) since the voice takes on the air of an instrument.
With no understanding of the language, one can fully appreciate the voice (like choir and chant).

All of this is really working me up for this.
Counting the days.

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Thought of this just as I posted: Wouldn't it be nice if she did a cover of
The Girl Form Ipanema?
The Girl From Ipanema would suit her perfectly.

Donjr, Philadelphia. As a foodie, you're going to love it. Within a 10 minute walk of the Merriam lie countless outstanding venues.
Donjr: If you're looking for a place to eat on that night, check out the website for my new favorite place: R2L. It's on the 37th floor of Liberty Place with 360 degree views of the city. Actually, half of it is private dinning so guys like you and me get breathtaking views of sunsets to the west and a view 37 floors up! Definitely unique. Check out their website. But it's expensive as hell. Since you're into cocktails, maybe stop in for a drink. The entrance doesn't scream out so look for an awning with very small logo "r2l" on 16th street. If you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't even know it's there.
Just a word to anyone who may be on the fence about attending this show.....Her live shows are ten times better than her albums. She get's more creative.
Nonoise, I agree that not understanding the language turns the voice into a beautiful instrument. If you want to check out a absolutely amazing female Brazilian artist, pick up Maria Rita 's new one called ELO. She's Melody Gardot good and surrounds herself with the best of talent. The conversation has come up in our home whether or not we would travel to Brazil to see her. Her family has a very rich musical history.

Devilboy. Ill check out R2L. At least for a cocktail. Sounds like a great area in general.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm always on the lookout great artists.

All the best,
Nonoise. I juts read some of your replies on the music forum. Please get the Maria Rita. I will buy it from you if it doesn't make you crumble. I'm serious.