Member Almarg passed away last night

Al ( @almarg ) passed away peacefully yesterday evening, September 14th, 2020.

Margaret, Al's wife, was by his side most of the afternoon.

Both she and Al, as well as Al's family, were deeply touched by the outpouring of respect and appreciation for Al from members who, via written word, shared so very much in the 'Update on Audiogon Member Almarg' thread.

 Margaret extends her thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all members. She treasures each and every post.
Al was a real gentleman, and his posts were virtually authoritative.  His posts were never based on an unfounded opinion, and not infrequently, they were more like answers.  He was always polite while correcting others.  Greatly missed.     
…….very sad news indeed. Al and I traded emails on a bunch of topics and he always imparted his knowledge of this hobby without any partiality or biased opinion. '' May the fours winds blow you safely home '' Al.     
Al was a wonderful person who will be truly missed and always remembered by those of us on the forum, and I'm sure, everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.  My sincere sympathy to Marge and family.
Al exuded wisdom, knowledge and understanding of his subject, patiently explaining it in a way which was never demeaning to those posting, and, he was and is the standard by which all of us should conduct ourselves. He will be missed by many of us, and he left Audiogon a better place by giving us his best...
God bless you, Al.