Why do members hijack threads?

Some members intentionally start conversations on threads that are unrelated to the Original Poster’s topic. Not only does the thread get derailed, but whatever useful info discussed on the thread by the hijacker is hidden from view, unless one searches for it. 

So rather than starting a new thread on topic, some members appear to disrupt an ongoing discussion.

Thoughts as to why this occurs?
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It a sign of the times. Etiquette is for losers. Anonymity gives rise to an unleashed Id. These same people wouldn't talk that way in direct conversation. 

Take a look at conversations on youtube or any other platform. They are the dominant users. Some even go so far as to participate in 4chan and when that gets regulated, they're onto 8chan or Gab, places to vent their inner demons with abandon. They simply don't care.

I said it before and I'll say it again: I despair for my fellow man.

All the best,
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Sometimes it's not a highjack but an evolution of the conversation.  The thread below started out on the topic of CD's making a comeback (or not) and along the way folks started discussing cassettes:


Totally innocent in my view of the matter.
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I’m sorry for not responding sooner. March Madness is on with some major upsets. 
@oregonpapa , yes sir I am and enjoying it very much as I always do, will stay up late tonight and listen to some great music have a  drink and wind down.
I agree with rshak most of the times its just the evolution of conversation.  On the minority times when the hijack is deliberate in a fashion most of the times the poster will say 'sorry I do not mean to hijack this thread but I too have a similar system as the OP and just wondered which upgrade to take?'  Sometimes the change of course of the thread can become a lot more interesting discussion and the thread gets a new fresh lease of life.
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Sometimes what is perceived as a "hijack" is the result of a thread that has had its topic beaten to death via an extra long thread, and then morphed into a general conversation about unrelated things. 

And yes ... it was a joke. :-)


It’s mostly certain people, who know who they are, who take the thread off at a tangent from the original topic. Initially, there is a thin connection, but soon it disappears. Can you hear differences between CD transports evolves into can you hear differences in digital cables, evolves into differences in interconnects, and from there anywhere else, e.g. fuses.

When people have an axe to grind, they will take advantage of any space and opportunity to grind it.