Mental and auditory acuity, and aging

Mental and auditory acuity, and aging

Once we hit 60 or concerns change. Besides the obvious ones, I wonder if our ability to stay in the moment and enjoy music lessons. Heaven forbid.

I thank my mother for opening my eyes to healthy food as a boy. I’m 70 at the moment, and as mentally sharp as ever. I remember eating alfalfa sprouts instead of lettuce. I can still hear the jeers at cafeteria, “Look, he’s eating grass.” I smiled secretly and watched them eat their white bread ham sandwiches and guzzle their Cokes.

I know this is off our usual topics, but after a lifetime of ‘not indulging’, and researching health, I’d be happy to share a few things that really help to keep my mind sharp. I don’t feel it is correct to name the regime or products here. If you’d like to know, just PM me. I’m not affiliated with any of the products. I’m hoping admin will allow this.


I am 67, with hearing that sits in the upper percentile for my age.

But, even with the inevitable loss of some high frequency hearing that comes with age, there is so much more that I don’t think diminishes.

Dynamics, soundstage, imaging, the rest of the frequencies, attack/decay, timbre, can still be heard and evaluated.

Not to mention, that the musical instrument that goes the highest, is the violin, at 16K hz, and that is including the harmonics. The instrument with the highest fundamental is the piccolo, at 4K. The majority of instruments, including harmonics, are under 13K.

So, the detriment to listening to music/audio that comes with age related high frequency hearing loss, may be a bit overstated.

See this interactive chart for more info -

Interactive Frequency Chart


Each person is different. I have two friends my age who have to wear hearing aids but aren't audiophiles. I, on the other hand, lost 80% hearing in my right ear at age 20 before I became a full fledged audiophile and enjoy music as much as I did in my 20s. Have I lost hearing range.... I don't know but since I don't and still enjoy music as much as always, it doesn't matter. Life goes on. 

Being old may be not a problem for many , but for many others getting old is...

We do not choose our genetics, and sometimes we do not choose or are not able to choose our environment and in many cases we are not able to choose what we eat...Look at an earth globe....And roll it , pick a country and thought about it... or look at any american cities and analyse its population behaviour...


I dont feel old at 72 because i was lucky with my genetics and environment and i am able to eat minimally well... And i can think ....It is result from my past  choices sure but i was lucky enough to be able to express them in the right place ...

Others are not so lucky...

Getting old is not the problem, being old is.


I"ve had Tinnitus for 50 years, so it takes a really nice setup to keep  my attention.   Otherwise I get music fatigue really fast