Meridian 508.24 RCA interconnects.

Any suggestions for interconnects?
i have been using with good success audiotruth lapis/3 with vibrapods (6) underneath the chassis
I used Harmonic Technology cables for my Meridian 508.20. Cables are balanced and connect to my Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated amplifier. Speakers are ProAc 2.5. I suggest you borrow a pair of cables and listen. good luck. cheers...
Not knowing your room/system/preferences/budget I think it's hard to recommend a particular cable. I ALWAYS listen before I buy, and think the best way to do it is the Cable Company (1800FATWYRE) which I've been using for years. Rent cables for 10% of thier list (with all the rental charges going toward purchase). I have discovered some real winners and been very disappointed in some highly rated cables. You really can't lose...
I have using meridian 508.24 with rca interconnect (cello) I have known the general difference balanced. and rca. I am considering Nirvana s-l balanced interconnect but I am not sure this is nice choice. for reference, my system is below : sp : sonus faber Guarneli Homage (cable : nirvana S-L) power : mark 23.5L pre : mark 26L (cable : nirvana S-L balanced) Highly appreciated good recommendation.
Using Delta Labs SR7 pure silver interconnects in Balanced form. Had been using JPS