mice ate insulation off many small wires inside TT. Liquid Electrical Tape, .......????

I have two old Misubishi Vertical TT,'s: LT-5V to make 1 working TT

Took the backs off. One had mice or some small creatures living there, some snuggly stuffing gathered inside, and, they chewed the insulation off many of the small wires, so bare wire is near bare wire in many many places.

If I ever try to get this one to work, I will need to cover the bare parts to avoid shorts.

And experiences, or advice?

liquid electrical tape seems easy to brush on


another brand of liquid electrical tape, seems thicker


I suppose I could spray this kind of stuff on some cardboard, and use an artist's paint brush to coat them, but it could get messy, perhaps I can mix it thinner with something???


sugru can be shaped, but the wires are close together and I have big hands and numb fingers


warnings? learned ___? 

thanks for any and all help,

Elliott, the best thing to do is re wire it. You can get kits with all the color wire  or you can do it one wire at a time. Is this table really worth the effort?  Even with skinny fingers you would have to take things apart. If it was put together it can be take apart. Look at it as a challenge. The thing is toast already so there is not much you can do to make it worse. Good practice! 
Ditto.  You need to re-wire that thing.  No way around it.  Needless to say, don't plug it in, even, until you have resolved this issue.... with new wiring.
best thing to rewire and have it cleaned also. On the way you may find something else that needs attention.
more I look, it's shot, they chewed half a dozen ends off the printed ckt board, it's good for parts
Dingo? Gerbils, now that something to keep one open about..

This is goin' bad quick...   ;-)
if they progressively chewed right to left, or top to bottom, what would that tell us?
Moving forward, you also need to come up with inexpensive second system, just for 🐁 so they don’t mess with your main audio rig 🐭  
if they progressively chewed right to left, or top to bottom, what would that tell us?
They are directional mice.
the mice are not my mice, it was eaten before I got it, otherwise I would use their names.


no, I couldn't bid on that site, NZ and Australia only, Yes, that was Technics SL-V5.

This is the 'bad' one of the Mitsubishi LT-5V pair I traded with Bill, this one he got because the platter metal edge is less corroded, a few future needed parts perhaps, ... but otherwise not to fix.

I still wanted to see what others might solve missing insulation with, no way would I replace them. I could have saved the ones on the right side, but looking further on the left side, main pc board, forget it.  

I am cleaning the 'good' one today, new belts arrive tomorrow, we shall see. The pair of lights the system uses to maintain tonearm tracking linearity are critical, hoping I don't have to change them.
In the southern hemisphere, is directionality reversed (like water in the sink drain)?
How long has the one you now intend to use been sitting around?  And what was the year of manufacture?  If much more than 25 years, I would recommend changing electrolytic capacitors BEFORE you apply power.  A leaky capacitor can damage parts that are hard to find and expensive.  The caps themselves are dirt cheap.
good advice but too late, I plugged it in, and it did the circle dance for a few minutes

found 2 of 3 belts completely dissolved, and the arm's traversing wire cable good condition but loose. Luckily the 'bad' one's arm wire was in position so I was able to see how to wind it around a roller.

Mostly cleaned up pretty well yesterday, prior owner was a smoker, yuck, a bit more this am, new belts supposed to arrive today. 

I need to make a right angle template to locate the stylus tip up/down in the headshell on horizontal centerline of spindle.