Michell Gyrodec, main bearing lube

I've had my Michell Gyrodec for a little less than ten years and have never lubed the main bearing since I did it during set up.  Artech, its distributor, says it should be done every five to six years. Instructions for lubrication look very complicated and easily screwed up. Does anyone on this board have experience lubing the main bearing? How has that gone? Any cautions or suggestions based on experience?
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It’s really not that difficult. Undo the knurled nut securing the platter to the top of the bearing housing and lift the platter straight up and off, using a thumb to press down on the spindle as you’re doing so.

Then lift the top half of the bearing housing straight off; it is free floating-simply lift straight up BUT be careful not to lose the steel ball bearing. It might be sitting on top of the shaft attached to the lower part of the housing but will more than likely be adhered (in a film of oil) in the upper recess of the top half of the bearing housing. Usually a couple of firm raps on a solid table will dislodge it if that is the case but don’t lose it. In the worse case, scenario you may have to use a magnetic screw driver to get it out but be very careful not to scratch the internals of the upper part of the bearing housing.

Once you’ve done that, clean out/clean off all the old oil from both bottom of housing (well and shaft) and upper recess in top half of housing using a lint free cloth.

Then add 2 1/2-3 mm of fresh oil (Mobil 0W-40 or if you want something more exotic-it is better IMO-Audio Origami oil) into the lower well, put a couple of drops of new oil on top of the shaft and place the ball bearing in the middle of the top portion of that shaft in those drops of oil and then replace the upper half of the bearing and put your platter back on and secure it.

If you want a cheap, huge bang for the buck upgrade, order a 7/32" Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic ball from Boca Bearings, wait for it to arrive and use that instead of the steel ball when you do your oil change. Significant improvement in any resolving system for less than $5.

Personally, I prefer to change the oil and ball in my Gyro every 2-3 years. Would never go 5-6 years on an oil change.
@hdm   it's all right, the original oil costs too much for a few drops it offers, Michell herself recommends the Mobil synt 0W40.
Whether the turntable has the old type of pin or the one upside down, the procedure for cleaning and replacing oil does not change.
Not significantly different in doing an oil change on the older bearing and the newer inverted bearing (I've owned my Gyrodec since 1985 so have done multiple changes on both types of bearings) but the old style bearing would not be usable immediately following a change and would need at least a few hours to settle and seat properly.

With respect to oil, I've used Mobil 1 0W-40, Amsoil 0W-40 and the Audio Origami oil over the years, switching to the Audio Origami oil in the past few years. Anecdotally/subjectively, the Audio Origami oil is superior IMO in terms of sound quality; improvements are slight but they are there. The ceramic ball bearing makes a much bigger improvement in sound quality.

The Audio Origami oil is unquestionably a better lubricant though and much better at reducing friction in the bearing; the platter spins more freely and easily than with any other oil I've used. Worth the extra money IMO.
Just two of their own proprietary oil. I believe essentially a thicker and thinner version of the same oil. The thinner (standard version I believe) is appropriate for the inverted bearing on the Gyro/Orbe.

It appears they also sell the original Linn "black oil" as well.