Midfi Integrated amp w/ phone stage recommendation

A friend asked for a integrated amp recommendation with a phono stage.  He has an older Sony TT and wants to set up a small system in his apartment.  Used is fine. Budget $1000.  Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


Restored vintage Sansui AU7000

Has ALL functions including ALL functions. The best Mid-Fi indeed.

The built-in Yamaha phono stage in the 701/801 is quite poor in my experience. Would suggest sticking with Rega, Music Hall, or Marantz.

+1 smrex13 Though I find the amplification stages on the Yamaha 701/801 to be fine for the price tag. With those units one is purchasing a phonostage and a DAC in the same box. One review I read  on the 801 suggests the DAC section out performs the phonostage 801.   If I were looking for an integrated having a phonostage I would not want a DAC onboard. 

I use the 701 in a tertiary system however don't use the phonostage. 

I would second the suggestion of the Marantz PM8006.

Excellent phono stage for mid-fi integrated.