Midfi Integrated amp w/ phone stage recommendation

A friend asked for a integrated amp recommendation with a phono stage.  He has an older Sony TT and wants to set up a small system in his apartment.  Used is fine. Budget $1000.  Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


I would suggest you check out the older British integrated amps, which of course came with decent phono stages built in. Like ones from Audiolab, Rega, Naim, Arcam, Cambridge and from the Japanese side, Rotel and Denon.

I think the Yamaha A-S801 is a very good suggestion, but if that’s the way he goes I’d buy it from Accessories4less as he’ll get a nice discount and it’s a very reputable site. He could get the prior model for only $650 or the new model that just recently released for $900 (I’d go for the new model if possible).


A couple other very good options would be the Rega Brio or the PS Audio Sprout that both have the benefit of having much smaller footprints than the Yammy if that’s an issue. Best of luck.



Restored vintage Sansui AU7000

Has ALL functions including ALL functions. The best Mid-Fi indeed.

The built-in Yamaha phono stage in the 701/801 is quite poor in my experience. Would suggest sticking with Rega, Music Hall, or Marantz.

+1 smrex13 Though I find the amplification stages on the Yamaha 701/801 to be fine for the price tag. With those units one is purchasing a phonostage and a DAC in the same box. One review I read  on the 801 suggests the DAC section out performs the phonostage 801.   If I were looking for an integrated having a phonostage I would not want a DAC onboard. 

I use the 701 in a tertiary system however don't use the phonostage. 

I would second the suggestion of the Marantz PM8006.

Excellent phono stage for mid-fi integrated.

If he can stretch a bit- the Heed Elexir is very nice. Compact and with a very good phono stage and headphone amp. I think it’s better than mid-fi sonically as well. Check out the online reviews. 

of all the ones mentioned, for a vinyl-oriented system i would second the buy-british recs--rega brio, music hall, creek--they're optimized for small apartment systems. lotsa deals on used.