Miles Davis CD first, now on LP

It is usually the other way round, or at least both together. But for his last album, 'Live Around the World', the CD was released in 1996. It was recorded in concert, under field conditions with the finest DAT of its day. Given that, I was rather pleased with the CD, and thought it worth of a great master's swan song.
Now it is being released on a two LP 180g. from Germany. I read in my favorite British audio rag, "hi fi+" a review saying it was far superior to the original.
Now, I love my vinyl, but I am not a bigot. I would normally spring for $45, but I wonder if any you'se guys heard both. (Not that that will stop the pontificating)
Why buy an analog version of something recorded in digital? How can you improve the empty spaces? Frankly, I have everything Miles recorded an vinyl and would just as soon listen to the SACD versions all the time and the CDs most of the time.
Klman, you are stating exactly why I started this thread. It makes no sense to me that the LP could be better. And the reviewer is normally quite good. But you must not, frankly, have everything on vinyl if you don't have this one. I suppose it is possible for something gone wrong at the end of the CD chain that the LP corrected, but I too would have chosen SACD as the re-release.
What's on a digital recording master is not really what ends up on the CD you buy in the store. Check out this thread for a discussion on the topic.

Jimbo3 ahah! This is my suspicion that I had not much hope for being true. As I said in the beginning, I am looking for you'se dat tried the comparison. I knew pontification would follow from this bunch. But I love the CD and want to get some advise on plunking down for what still seems to be a poor choice for vinyl.
If 'Hi-Fi' says it's "far superior", I'd say it's worth giving it a shot if that's what you're interested in as there are pretty solid reasons why digitally recordings might sound better on vinyl playback than on CD. You seem to trust the reviewer, so go for it!

If you do decide to get it, let us know if it lives up to the review.

Thanks Jimbo3. I am going to get it and report back. It will not be any worse and it may well be that more care was taken from the DAT. At least I will not need to fish through my daughter's CDs when I can't find it in my drawer.
I don't think the DAT recordings on "Live around the world" will sound good in any format. Better spend your money on other LPs.
Ornette, would you please say why? There was no other source than DAT. Or did you not like the content? I am perplexed, especially because you "don't think" rather than, as I originally said, has anybody "heard".