Miles Davis Newbe Question

I recently purchased a CD by Miles Davis titled "Love Songs".
This is the first Miles Davis music I have purchased. What would be some recommendations as to some of his best material. Thanks very much for any feedback!
Correction on that Coltrane CD, that's "Coltrane for Lovers"; "In a Sentimental Mood" is one of the cuts.
Thanks, Synthfreek. Just bought a used original Columbia. We'll see what it sounds like.
I was a late bloomer with Miles Davis (jazz in general), and, a friend , Mo, a Miles fanatic, turned me on to him, and Jazz . Mo had every recording by Miles, on either LP or CD, so I thought. I discovered a recording by Miles which Mo did not even know of, and it so happens to be my favorite by Miles, the recording by Miles I most listen to. "A Tribute to Jack Johnson". Admittedly, Miles has so many recordings, showing different stages of his life, but somehow, I am drawn to Tribute to JJ.

In my opinion, "Something Else" by Cannonball Adderley is the best jazz album ever. The reason I mention this is because Miles never blew better, he was at his absolute peak. He sounds better on this album than on his albums. This maybe the only album in my collection on which I like every cut.