Maxwell Smart and Miles Davis?

Has anyone ever noticed that the Miles Davis interpretation of Nature Boy on "Blue Moods" sounds just like the theme song from "Get Smart" played really slow.

Or is it just me?
Octopus I never noticed that you sound like the theme song from get smart.
I had more to say, but my shoe is ringing, gotta go.
Now that you mention it, the suits Maxwell Smart wore in the show looked alot like the suits Miles wore on his album covers. VERY INTERESTING!
"The ol' slow down the Nature Boy trick."

"That's the second time this week."
Isn't that "The ol' speed up the Nature Boy trick, eh?" or "The ol' slow down the theme song trick, eh?".
I'm listening to that track right now......, and loving it! Gee, I hope you didn't take that "You're out of your mind" crack personally. :-)
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Actually, I was not kidding at all. It *does* sound like Get Smart, except for all of the slamming doors.

I'll bet that somewhere in the gargantuan Miles Davis legacy I'll find the theme song to The Man From UNCLE.