MiniDSP SQ - Surprised

I bought a MiniDSP (basic 2x4) to play with for a cheap HT biamped DIY speaker system.

For the heck of it I put in my system between by DAC and preamp to see how it sounds.  Now my system and ear are fairly revealing (Denafrips DAC, RAM RM5 and RM9, Merlin speakers).

I was shocked on how little it affected the sound.  There was an audible difference, a very very slight loss of detail but still very musical.  I would be able to live with it.

Now I am tempted to play with the all digital version (nano) so I can play with equalization totally in the digital domain.
Hey! I agree, but i only run my miniDSP on my sub.

I do use digital EQ via Roon which has it built in. You might also want to try the miniDSP with built in streaming. :)
Bug has bit,  I just ordered a MiniSharc so I can have a digital-to-digital solution.  Streamer -> MiniSharc -> DAC(s).
Did some equalization with REW.  A small (<4db) correction was needed to suppress upper bass and lower midrange.
There was a significant improvement (especially on vocals) but I think I am hearing the poor DAC's in the MiniDsp2x4.  When I take the DSP out I can hear the better Denafrips DAC but with the DSP this is compensated by the better tonal balance.  In otherwords both have imperfections and I am not sure which I like better.
My MiniSharc board is on the way and the promise of equalization while preserving the Denafrips DAC's qualities may be realized, I hope.