Mirage BPS-150 Driver Replacement

I have the Mirage BPS-150 Sub box which holds (2) 8" Drivers. Unfortunately, both of these drivers are blown out and I am looking to replace them. I am slightly confused about which replacements to order as I am new to this, and parallel/series wiring is tricky with impedance. Does anyone have recommendations or know what type of drivers I should be looking for?
I'm considering it but new units are a lot more expensive than replacing the drivers instead. the drivers are blown because the previous owner was very reckless with the sub and I got the box for close to nothing.
You can sometimes find 8" Sunfire sub drivers on ebay for a good price. I have no idea what the amplifier in the Mirage is capable of driving, but looks like the amp is fairly low powered. You will need to match the DCR of the replacement drivers to what the amp can handle.