Missing coherent dynamite speakers

Audiogon has removed all of the posts related to Coherent Dynamite speakers. Why?
I don't trust the big "magazine" reviews– every single piece of equipment is perfect. I depend on Audiogon subscribers for information. I'll go to Audio Circle to see what they have to say.


Try searching for Coincident Dynamite Speakers instead. I think you may have your manufacturer and models mixed up. If not, my apologies.....
Thanks.  I copied/pasted the irate OP's words.  I am familiar with Coincident.


Thanks. But my post was directed at the OP......


I think you may have confused the manufacturer and make of the speaker. Try a search of Coincident Dynamite and see if that is the make/model for which you are seeking AudiogoN posts. Again, if I’m incorrect, my apologies.