MIT Z-Center Power Conditioner, any comments?

I came across a used, MIT Z-Center Power Conditioner.
Curious if anyone here has experience with these?
Any downside?
I run an integrated amp with a CD and turntable.
very decent unit - not the best, but @ $600 - $700 used, I would not hesitate. It's flexible too - only downside are the relatively cheap duplexes they used, which can easily be upgraded.
I've been using mine for several years and really like it. To me, there's no down side. I also use an MIT Z - Isolator HC which is a nice match. Both have been flawless, reliable and very effective. They are the one constant(s) through any other changes in my system. Previously (several years ago) I had the API Power Wedge model 1 and then the model 116 mk2, both were big improvement over "bare wall" but the MIT's were/are better. Get them for $500-$600 or so and you're doing very well. (IMHO), good luck.
Well, I sprung for the MIT Z-Series Power Conditioner.
Used $575
Audible improvement.
Larger bass and sweeter highs.
Seems more crisp at higher volumes.