Mitigating the Bubble

Today after many years of trials and tribulations I have mitigated a sonic aberration a horizontal phase anomaly in my center stage.  While the center image was always stable and outlined it seemed narrow and bubble like and I would need to shift my body angle to really lock in the image. This was obvious on many CDs and LPs .

I have many man made fixes that helped the situation but never a total cure. Some of these are now permanent fixtures on the ceiling in 2 different locations. I made my own acoustic panels filled with long hair sheep's wool and 3 Argent Room Lenses.  I have laminar flow lenses that focus and stabilize the image across the front stage. I have built and treated an acoustic fan that overcomes the  boundaries with in my room by reducing interference. I have loaded my speaker cabinets 3 times with new drivers and now an outboard crossover. This was after my Essence 30s speakers and my Dunlavy SC4s.  ..All my components are hard mounted and direct coupled to the floor...on rock solid racks and speaker stands, custom mono bloc amps each on their own stand. All of these devices and angles and positions made the image wider and more focused but I still had that little  bubble and shift before me. Always less annoying with each new device and tweak.

So, your probably saying to yourself hurry up and get to the end. The end finally arrived today after having applied a contact enhancer 7 days ago to just 6 RCA ends out of many connections in my system.  Today with a friend who has been here a hundred times sitting in the Chair playing the same music as usual he said there was a wider sweet spot. I despise that term but he said it and not me.What we both heard was a super stable center image that was a few feet wide and not just one. The bubble was gone. The head in the vise was gone.  Off came the straight jacket and helmet. What I have now in this space intime is a glorious fully extended soundstage with all the meat on the bones and the features of talking heads on a real live performance stage. 

I have probably used eight different contact enhancers over five decades but this one blows my mind. This product  Nano Flo is the ultimate in transparency. 




I applied mine tonight. Not night and day difference, but it changed things in a very noticeable way nonetheless.
Bass - deeper and more clear with regards to the texture. I had to reduce the volume on the subwoofer, 2 clicks, because the main speakers were apparently playing a little deeper and stronger.
Highs - more present, without being any brighter. Details in the highs that affect the reverb/ room in the music were enhanced in a subtle and pleasant way. The soundstage grew a bit wider.
I used it on the power cables, RCA connects, and speaker cables. Great product! 

The maker of NanoFlo says there is no breakin period. Yes the first listen after application everything is better but then seven days later the dimensions of stage were much better. I would call this a higher level gain  of resolution over a very short period of time.  Great product


Nanoflo no more. The person that produced Nanoflo for such a short time decided to pull the product from distribution in any form.  End of story. Tom

Wasn’t that Krissy? Maybe it will be re-re-released as Millercarbon nanofluid.

No! Not of her design or making. Miller never had a thing to do with Nanoflo. Tom


I remember checking the rather poorly conceived website which mentioned a long leadtime for delivery, not that I would have been a customer. There was nothing on the site communicating who, what or where…but I saw an email addres for payment for IIRC krissy at hotmail or something like that.

Interesting situation given all of the hype presented about this product on Audiogon over the prior few weeks in a since deleted thread. 

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@nano-flo so why is the beta test over and why is your website down. Joined audiogon today, you just materialized today because?

Thanks to everyone that tested my pure nanocomposite gel.

I just showed up because I had to. I intended to hide peacefully behind the curtain watching the party and quietly manufacture audio products, but that changed recently so here I am.


Thanks for the reply Chris @nano-flo 


Tell us about yourself, the product and the website. I have never used contact enhancing fluid.

Can I test it, or it is beyond beta? I looked up the website a while back when I wanted to drop a few large. 

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@nano-flo - What information will be forthcoming and when given the aborted start-up last week?

Nothing was aborted, just part of natural progression since creating my first nanomaterials in 1998.  One thing I discovered at great cost is, some things need more time to become accepted. I believe now is Perfect.


@nano-flo -I stated aborted because one of your beta testers stated so above on 4/6

"Nanoflo no more. The person that produced Nanoflo for such a short time decided to pull the product from distribution in any form. End of story. Tom"

If now is Perfect versus a couple of days ago, my question remains can you provide information that those of us with a potential interest in purchasing can become knowledgeable with. I use another company's nano enhancer in my system and am happy with the results, so if yours is presumably even better my interest is there



Wow, a little touchy jumping on Tom because he was not privy to all the facts. You have questions, lay down 5mil and I'll keep you informed as to my schedule that is adjusted daily, but if you spill the beans to anyone (too) - you wont be happy with my next decision.  Lay off Tom, or are you also upset because he got to test my new nanomaterial and not you? You make me laugh.

I'll be giving an update to everyone here as soon as Josh gets back to me about properly marketing my cable & fuse division. Otherwise, to all those who tested my secret gel, Enjoy the music!

Best regards to all, Chris

Hi Chris, can you please take a moment to explain who you are? Many of us here are unaware of who you are and what you have done in the industry to date. 

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secret gel

Is anyone really taking this seriously?

If so, I have a lightly used second-hand bridge that I'm looking to sell.


@facten What I saw as adversarial, has produced a unique opportunity and I am preparing something for publication because of you, and you alone. Ill spill the beans but need a couple days and I'll provide a link - but in the meantime my hat is off to you brother for providing me the kick in the butt to just do it. Sometime this weekend I'll getherdone.

@ghasley Who am I, the inventor of a unique material that is secretly being used (in breach of my license) spanning a range of industries by others claiming to have invented it. I've been manufacturing nanomaterials since 1998 and introduced the original NanoLube, and within 2 weeks, shysters across the globe started claiming they were NanoLube. I got thousands of calls from people over the years wanting the raw material but never would except for global laboratory testing. Instead it was only available under strict use license for lubrication and not to be resold without a license and royalties. Take a wild guess how that turned out. On October 15th 2021 I cut off the Global supply and started servicing equipment with a five year warranty, but nobody was allowed access until my marketing test right here on Audiogon. The rest of the answer is in progress, so get ready. I have copyright to my story, so don't even think about it. For the full story you'll have to read the book or see the movie, if I can get around to it and I'm open to legitimate agency offers on production. 

@mijostyn and @twoleftears it might still be a free country, so you seem to currently have the right your opinions, however my is opinion you both are acting silly:( 


@twoleftears Good point, and another case of snide comments triggering an opportunity. I also single handedly repaired (nanolubed) the East Elizebeth River Swing Bridge for the Norfolk Southern Railroad and I believe its still on youtube.

out for now,


@nano-flo - My intention was not to be adversarial, nor was I picking on Tom. I noted his comment as a reference to why I had stated ’aborted" in one of my posts. And, I was not upset by not being a beta tester. I did in fact state that I was interested in your product. Why that illicited the following threatening response I don’t know.

"You have questions, lay down 5mil and I’ll keep you informed as to my schedule that is adjusted daily, but if you spill the beans to anyone (too) - you wont be happy with my next decision".

No need to worry about me anymore, my interest in your product is no longer there given what you stated to me above. Threats don’t play well with me

My soon-to-be-introduced X-Boson unguent will blow all other contact surface treatments out of the water (and half way to Pluto).

@facten cyberbullying is a crime, no matter what your age and if being called out for it hurts your feelings...?

I recently found out that anyone using Total Contact over the past 10 years has been getting my unlicensed nanodiamond without knowing it. That has been corrected and no longer allowed to be mixed in that highly toxic carrier.


Hi again Chris, who are you and why the tone with people who are asking questions about someone who just appeared here on Audiogon? Cyberbullying? Really?


As an aside, I’ve never heard anyone with resources of $5 million (plus or minus) say “5 mil”. That’s kindof a goombah, movie way of discussing money that doesn’t happen in the wild.

@nano-flo have you ever looked up the definition to douche? Your response to @facten was totally uncalled for. He was an interested party asking a question about your supposed product and you act like a child taking his marbles home. I'd never buy this product now either because of you.

@dadork +1


I'd never buy this product now either because of you.

Even though he single handedly lubed a swing bridge? That’s a pretty big deal isn’t it? 

Is this just applied to contact points or do you dunk the crossover in a 5 gallon pale of the stuff? 

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Hiya! I’ll refund, no problem! Was a supply chain issue, you were caught at the end!

Thank you,


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It takes 8-12 days to receive —-

you ordered 5 days ago. But I went ahead and refunded you.
No worries! 🌹


I  know from experience in shipping to England and Europe there is a change over in tracking info once the package lands in a foreign country.It very well could be that you will receive both a refund and your product order.

Then what?



Tom .... I was provided with a USPS tracking number, surely this would show through their system as it progressed? I’ve checked frequently and all it has ever shown is ’Status not available’, which to me indicates an order has been raised, which provides the tracking number, but USPS never received the package, which is why the status can’t be determined.

If the Nanoflo does actually show up I will certainly pay for it again.

(I have received the refund).


Your item departed a transfer airport in HEATHROW, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM on April 8, 2022 at 11:40 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

Not sure where that information is coming from as I just checked on Royal Mail, which would be the completing carrier for USPS, and was informed the tracking number wasn't recognised?

Perhaps I have been supplied with a wrong tracking number?

Sender did supply me with a wrong tracking number, it had an extra digit in it, which is why I could never see it.

Once I receive the package, (which I think is now in UK Customs and may be there for a few days), I’ll repay for the item.

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