MMF 7 or VPI MK 2 w/ RB600

Thanks to all who responded to my "Questions - returning to analog" post.

My target budget for an 'entry level' rig is $800 used or below. I'm considering either a very lightly used MMF 7 with the stock Eroica cartridge for ~$750, or a VPI HW-19 MK 2 and Rega RB600 'arm w/o cartridge for ~$700.

I've confirmed since my last thread that my Plinius integrated will work with high output MC.

If I end up going with the VPI, was intending to match with a Dynavector 10x4, how does this compare with the less expensive, set-up MMF 7?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Tim Wat
...don't bind yourself with MMF unless you will want to keep this setup forever. You actually can't do anything with Music Hall as it's not as upgradable as VPI since it's literally built to take off the sound out of Goldring Eroica that for real isn't that great cartridge if placed onto the different turntable. I wouldn't deny that for the price MMF7 has a nice sound. VPI HW-19 is the one that is realy interesting to play with different arms, cartridges which means it's customizable to the listener and how listener wants to hear music(which is basically the whole purpouse of high-end). Some people probably will not like MMF7 and will try to upgrade but the results I'm sure will be much better with VPI or even Rega. Later-on you'll be able to sell RB600 and get simplier RB250 and modify it with Origin Live or Incognito that will literally smoke stock RB600 and even RB1000.
That is a very good price on the vpi setup. It should sound better than the mmf-7 without an upgrade. The mk-II is actually a better set-up than the jr., the only reason I can see that it would sell for less is maybe it has an older motor, but I can't see where that would conflict with any upgrades. The bearing should be the same as a jr. and mk-III, there have been bearing changes since the mk-II was discontinued, but the bearing would only set you back about 180$ (check the vpi website) if you wanted to go to mk-III (that would be as high as you could go before a bearing change would be nessesary).
BUT: the jr. platter is all acrylic, the mk-III is the same but with lead to make it heavier, The old mk-III used to be aluminum/lead/acrylic, and was discontinued for the lead/acrylic, which is obviously cheaper to make. The mk-II is similer to the older mk-III, It's just not as heavy. The point of all this about the platters is that to go higher than the mk-II to really be worth it, you would have to go past mk-III, so the older bearing won't hurt you. (unless you found a used mk-III platter, which would likely have an older bearing anyway).
The last time I saw a mk-II, it had a sprung suspension and a separate armbaord, as opposed to the jr.s' one piece mdf, that would make it cheaper to upgrade as well, IF you wanted to.
I haven't heard of the rb-1000, but my understanding of the rb-600 is that it is suppossed to be an updated rb-300, somewhere between the rb-300 and rb-900. I'll skip whatever innaccurate details I know for sure except to say the the new price for the rb-300 is $425, the 600 $695, the 900 $995, the comments by marakanetz still apply, because I think you should stop reading this and get on obtaining that turntable if it isn't already gone.
Please keep us updated as I am excited for you.
I would tend to go with the VPI myself, due to the upgrade capability. The MMF-7 is a good table, but I like the ability to upgrade, and the VPI lends itself to this much better. The RB600 arm is good, and can be upgraded, also, with the excellent Origin Live mods. With the MMF-7, you are pretty much locked-in with that arm. So overall, I agree with the above posts, for much the same reasons.
Thanks for all the great insight, as always. I ended up going with the VPI and continue to be impressed by audiophile charity. The seller drove the 'table 1.5 hours to my house, and told me NOT to buy his Grado Reference cartridge (although he is selling it) as he thought it wasn't a good match with the RB600.

This sucker is really big and heavy, I'm a little surprised and now have to get a beefier shelf for my little Lovan rack.

But my vinyl has never sounded better. Thanks again for all the advice.