Just saw Music Direct is taking pre-orders over the phone for the next One Step releases:
Monk's Dream and 
Mingus Ah Um !!! 
I got mine ordered (and they don't charge you till it ships)
Anyone else interested in ordering these? 
I got the SRV Texas flood one step process it sounds amazing then my other reissues of it, but I waited till national records store day and saved 60 bucks. I bought Mo Fi's Arethas Gold though and I was extremely disappointed with it. Sounded flat and dull with no bass, So do what I do wait till a sale on boxing day, Black Friday or RSD. that's just my opinion though.


Not sure what Jafant, Oregonpapa or myself did to upset you but no reason to leave these forums. You do not like us or our posts do as others surely do and just ignore us and said posts.

Finally, there are just too many wannabes on this forum. Guys like jafant, uber, papa and others just make the nonsense intolerable. At least GK gives a laugh once in awhile.

Truly sorry to see anybody leave tbh but best of luck.
On 06-12-19 @ 8:23, I posted that it would probably be my final post. Well, I need to make this post.

I need to give "millercarbon" a heads up !!  Have followed his posts for quite awhile now and find his thoughts, opinions, and shared info to be very good and worth paying attention to.

I followed up on spending the money for a "Better Records" pressing. I too have stopped buying the MoFi, One Step pressings. Last weeks email from Better Records had a pressing of Ray Charles  "Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul" on sale. $250.00 with $50.00 off. $200.00 for a used record ??  Yikes !!  Miller, I took a leap of faith on your opinion. 100% guarantee,I could send it back, took the chance.

I have been upgrading my system since Axpona 2016. Was a 20 year Spectral owner. Have changed to Pass Labs. This will be my Final System.Plus I will really see if records from Better Records are what they are cracked up to be with my new speakers. (Rockport Atria IIs)

Received my package Friday. fired up the system, put the record on the TT, gave the record a cursory brush with my new Thunderon brush and cued the tonearm / cartridge. Within a minute, I knew this record was special. I just hoped that both sides were like what I was hearing.

I have had this on CD for 30 years. Have played it at least 300 times, ( It is a favorite) I was hearing Rays voice and piano in the room with me. Every inflection and nuance; Live !!  The strike of the hammers on the strings, The backup singers like never before. Side One, was an absolute revelation. I hoped Side Two would be as good and it was. Maybe 12-15 insignificant ticks total on both sides. So glad that I took the chance.

Will I be buying "Better Records" only?  No, cannot afford it, but will look a little closer now.

My system is posted but I will give a quick rundown of the equipment I used.