I have some small Martin Logan ESL's and a few of these MODWRIGHT KWA150 AMPS have popped up used.. Anyone have any experience with these amps? Can they drive Electrostatic loudspeakers? Is it a good sounding reliable amp? 
Yes, Yes, And Yes! To answer all your questions. Also, Modwright preamps go really well with this amp. The KWA 150 is a beast and a battleship. I have always loved the Modwright sound, warm accurate and tonally beautiful with great low end punch as well.

Matt M
So Matt should I pull the trigger on this amp? I can get one for 2 grand. I see in the amps specs that it doesn't double its power into lower impedance indicating that its power supply is not that strong. The Martin Logan go to 1.8 ohms. Hope this amp can push it. 
Best bet is just drop Dan Wright an email and he’ll give you an honest answer or you might get lucky he’s in if you call. Very honest guy.

Taken from

Summary of key elements of upgrade

  • Upgraded model of Lundahl input transformer for improved speed and dynamics.
  • Circuit design revisions to input circuits that lower distortion and improve dyanmics and resolution.
  • Cryo-treated, solid core ultra-pure input wiring and 12GA stranded audio-grade output signal wire to binding posts.
  • Revised capacitor bank (current storage design) that increases total storage (capacitance) and also lowers power supply impedance, which translates to faster current delivery to the output stage.

This all translates to the following in terms of sonics:

  • A more open and resolving overall presentation.
  • Tighter and faster bass and transients.
  • Improved speed and dynamics, whilst still retaining tube-like midrange qualities.
  • Improved soundstage and low-level cues due to an even LOWER noise floor.

Can this amp drive low impedances? Is it enough power? For 2 grand on the used market would you rather get an old Levinson, Krell or Classe? 
 adg101, are you familiar yourself with the 2 units or just quoting Modwright?  I have the LS100 and love it, been wondering how much I might gain synergy wise if I went to that amp....