Moerch DP-6 VTA Adjustment

Can someone tell me how VTA (SRA) is adjusted on this arm?
There's a set screw on the barrel of the arm. You loosen the screw, move the arm up or down, and retighten.
There is a small set screw (Allen Head) recessed into the collar where the base penetrates the arm board/tt plinth. Loosen it and pull up or push down. Retighten the set screw.
Thank you. I suspected it was such, not easily repeatable or adjust on the fly, but for me that is probably not important. And the different mass arm wands to match different cartridges is a plus. I know this arm is highly regarded by many. How do you like it?
You can place a stack of playing cards in the gap between the arm mounting collar and the large black platform to shim up the arm and retain the current VTA setting once the setscrew is loosened. Otherwise, the whole arm will drop down to the armboard and you'll be back to square-one with no height calibration reference other than a few red index dots marked on the arm pillar.

Add or subtract one card at a time to make fine, repeatable height adjustments and note the number of cards used for future reference.

I've found that it's important not to overtighten the setscrew. Just give it a gentle 1/10 turn past the point where it contacts the arm pillar.
The arm took a little getting used to because I was using Rega and SME arms earlier. The sound is exceptional, as well as the tracking and the adjustability. I added the Teres VTA adjuster and I am happy with the whole package.