MoFi tinged with distortion

Hi there,

I recently aquiered Aimee Mann's Bachelor No2 on Mobile Fidility's GAIN2 (Serial number 212) vinyl - stunning album.

What bothers me is that the vocals are slightly "tinged" with distortion... I have noticed this on the 'Lost in Space' album aswell. Other records play just fine...

What can cause this - is the resording meant to be like this? What is your findings?

Dewald Visser
Damaged. Usually resulting from a record being played on a turntable setup improperly.
Hi, I own both of the same records. I love them both very much. I think they call it grunge music for a reason. I notice a bit of distortion in the guitar work. My turntable is set up properly so I am assuming that the artist or the engineer intended it to sound this way.
Anyway, the music is fantastic on both of these pieces.
It is ONLY the vocals - the other instruments on the record sounds amazing...

but then again I have Madeleine Peyroux - this is one of the most awesome LP's that I have ever heard! Perfect in every way...

BTW - My machine is set up precisely and I take extremely good care of my cartridge...

Read the liner notes.

Michael Lockwood, Producer
"....bits and pieces of electronica and texture with yes a dash of Pink Floyd conceptual overtones..........the treatment of the guitars was to be more keyboard like and the keyboards ended up sounding like guitars. How could they not after being squeezed through several compressors, ring modulators, whammy pedals and just as many echoes as humanly possible. This was just the beginning....."

Ryan Freeland, co-producer
"While we did record some pristine and accurate sounds most of the time we focused on manipulation of sound in strange and interesting ways that had nothing to do with being accurate to the original source"

Your turntable is fine.
Play the same recording on CD to see if the distortion is present. If noise is on CD then mastering at fault.
Also, listen through headphones to eliminate your speakers (bad crossover component, etc.) as the culprit.