Mogami Speaker cable question

Hello all,

One of the guy that I highly respected in Hi end audio suggested Mogami for a budget speaker cable but they have so many different type by number. Wondering if any of you are using them and what is the best one in Mogami?

Eddy, if you single wire, add 4s8 to your order for an additional $20 or so.  I like it a lot better than 4s11.... More extended treble, clearer midrange, controlled bass. Less copper means a little more resistance, but it also means less inductance.

i think a lot of people very heavily overestimate the opinions of recording engineers - if you only knew how some of these guys operate - you wouldn't hold them in such high regard. Honestly Mogami stuff is OKAY - it's not bottom of the barrel but it sure isnt' top shelf - and their microphone cable is EASILY bested by Vovox and others
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@jw_dewdney Hi, I recognize this post is from 2017, but if you're still around these parts, what would you consider a top-shelf DIY speaker cable option? Best!