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One of the guy that I highly respected in Hi end audio suggested Mogami for a budget speaker cable but they have so many different type by number. Wondering if any of you are using them and what is the best one in Mogami?

The search command can be your friend. This issue has already been well documented over the years. Read up!
Only thoughts by people in the past ! No present info would be helpful ? What a j.a.
Eddy, My comment was not meant to be cruel. Mogami wire has not changed much over the years and quite frankly neither has thoughts about it. "New" thoughts are not bye the way necessarily "better" thoughts, and in fact they can often be made with less valuable knowledge of the past. I’m not talking about opinion. My suggestion was based on no mention of any past knowledge on your part. As you may be well aware of, Mogami is used throughout the world for studio patch cords "mic wire" and one could argue if it is good enough for a microphone that is on our recordings, why not use it in your kit? Most folks have recommended W3103 (11agw 2 conductor) or W3104 (11agw 4 conductor) for diy over the years. But, you would do best to do a little digging here and at AA rather than simply take my word.

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I've tried the Mogami W3082 which is a coax cable and the W3103 which is a regular 2 conductor speaker cable.  Both were very good, but in my system and to my ears the Canare 4S11 was better than both of these and better than the Belden.

IMHO, the Canare 4S11 is not only the best budget cable out there, but one of the best period.  It does require a very lengthy break-in time. 
Redco is a great supplier of Mogami and Canare . I have purchased from them several times . There really is only two options for Mogami speaker wire . One is coaxial and the other is the two conductor 3103 ($2.94 ft) . 3104 is four conductors (same wire as 3103) great for bi-wiring and $5.25 ft . They also offer doing terminations for you if you wish , banana , spade  ect... for a nominal fee. I find the Mogami to be neutral in my systems . I have not tried every single cable out there so i will not speak as to other cables . I get the sound i want from my system as is ,so i do not chase the dragon so to speak as far as wiring goes . If you buy twenty feet of 3103 and do not like it i will buy it from you . I need twenty more feet as it is . Will pay you full retail too .
I use Mogami wire in my system for RCAs and speaker wire. Check my system page for details. 
maplegrovemusic, your recommendation of Canare is sold at (as one example) 11GA 4S11 Star Quad Speaker Cable Spade to Spade 15 FT With finished banana or spade ends are like 66USD, can’t be beat.
I just replaced my 15ga. Atlas spk. wire w/Mogami 2921, which is a "star-quad" cable. The 2921 sells for $4.95 a ft. and the 3104 sells for $5.25 a ft. The better value is the Star-Quad 3104, IMO, but I felt the 2921 was the right cable for my needs. The 3103 @ under $3 a ft. is the best value IMO. The 2921 (and all the other types of Mogami spk. cables I presume) have a very durable/thick outer jacket. The "Neglex" wire is very finely stranded OFC copper. Very high quality wire. So far I'm very pleased w/the 2921 connected (bare-wire) to Dynaudio Dm 2/6 spks. driven by a newly acquired Arcam Alpha 10 Int. amp (Deltron BFA plugs used @ amp end). The Mogami added bass weight and warmth compared to the wire I was previously using. The Mogami's are still breaking/setting in. The soundstage is very good and the midrange is excellent. I believe the upper treble is slightly recessed (very well could be the use of the Deltron BFA's.) I have no regrets buying the 2921, only wish the price was a little lower. But still......very affordable. The Canare 4S11 does seem like a steal just don't have first hand knowledge how it compares w/the Mogami.  
Thank you so much everyone for your info.  I will order very shortly.  No problem r_f_sayles.
The canare is so inexpensive I would try it 1st and compare anything else I might try to it. Not withstanding the offer by maplegrovemusic which was very generous.

I have been using for years the MOGAMI neglex 2497 wich is a coax 2 conductors cable.
I am pretty happy with it . I find it quite neutral.
i could say that it give the music a sort of live perseption, with dynamic.
I use it for modulation interconnection  and speakers cables even in the low frequency.
It seems to me an excellent value for money performance.

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maplegrovemusic, I think I would try Mogami 3103.  I don't think 3104 will benefit me since I don't need wi-wire and both are 12 AGW.
Report back after you get some hours on some cables wether they be Canare or Mogami
I use Mogami 3104 as a bi wire to my Maggies. I also had used the gold neglex interconnects (mic cables). I swapped those out to morrow ma-5 for a large improvement. The 3104 remains and I'm very happy with it.  
I should have Mogami 3103 coming next week and will try them for a month to get used to the sound and then will order Canare 4S11 and will see which one I like.
Eddy, if you single wire, add 4s8 to your order for an additional $20 or so.  I like it a lot better than 4s11.... More extended treble, clearer midrange, controlled bass. Less copper means a little more resistance, but it also means less inductance.

i think a lot of people very heavily overestimate the opinions of recording engineers - if you only knew how some of these guys operate - you wouldn't hold them in such high regard. Honestly Mogami stuff is OKAY - it's not bottom of the barrel but it sure isnt' top shelf - and their microphone cable is EASILY bested by Vovox and others
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@jw_dewdney Hi, I recognize this post is from 2017, but if you're still around these parts, what would you consider a top-shelf DIY speaker cable option? Best!