Monitor Audio Studio 20SE vs. GR20 or GR60

Anybody could compare the famous MA Studio 20SE with the new Gold Reference series.
Many years ago I listened the Studio 20 and they are fantastic.
I want to buy MA speakers, but unfortunally I couldn´t find the Studio 20SE, so I can´t compare them with the new GR20 and GR60.
Please let me know your opinions and if you could listen both series.
I have had the GR60's for a year or so and can tell you that they are wonderful and I think a very good value as well. I unfortunately have not heard the Studio 20 so can't make a comparison. The GR60's are very fast for a dynamic speaker, have very good top to bottom response (very good bass for having only 6.5 inch drivers), good soundstage, and at 90db quite efficient (I am using them with 35w tube amps which is enough in my environment). I think if I remember correctly, they got very good reviews on
I've had the GR60 for about 2 1/2 years now and I like them a lot. I remembered reading on this forum somewhere, some reviewers didn't like the image that the GR60 put out. I don't have that problem. I have them matched w/ a Unison Research SR1 and the sounds are clear, realistic, very well image and excellent bass in a 14x17 room.
I listened to the Studio 20 prior to purchasing the GR60, and the GR60 is better in every aspect.
I have a pair of Studio 20se's, a pair of Studio 60's, and I've listened to

Studio 20se's are fantastic two way speakers.

What they do, they do amazingly well.

GR60's are a much larger speaker with more drivers, etc.

You can often find the GR60's used for around $2,500.

You can often find Studio 20se's used for around $1,000.

Not really fair to compare these two.

If you have the budget and a big enough room, go for the GR 60's.

Studio 60's went for around $12,000.

You virtually never see a used pair of Studio 60's for sale.

No one seems to want to part with them, including me.

If you ever see a pair of Studio 60's for sale -- grab 'em!

Since that isn't likely to happen, go for the GR 60's.
Although the Studio 60's retailed for much more than the GR60's, and I've never heard the Studio 60's, the reviews I read seemed to indicate that the GR60's actually are an improvement over the Studio 60's. In fact, you can upgrade the Studio 60's with drivers from the GR60, which some might have done since the Studio 60's had a nicer appearance than ghe GR60's. Buy the way, I find my pair if GR60's for $1,850 (perfect condition) right here on Audiogon.
>>the reviews I read seemed to indicate that the GR60's actually are an improvement over the Studio 60's.<<

I read one review like that, but I do not agree. The GR 60's are nice speakers, but not in the same class as the Studio 60's. Monitor Audio did offer a package upgrade so you could put the GR60 drivers into the Studio 60. Interesting idea, but I would be reluctant to do that. The GR 60's have a different sound, do not image as well, do not have the top and bottom extension, the silky highs, do not completely disappear like the Studio 60's and the Studio 60's are more coherent. This is based on my ears and my taste, but I have e-mailed with several other Studio 60 owners who feel the same way I do.

The Studio 60's retailed for $12,000.

GR 60's retail for about $4,000.

IMO, there is no comparison between these speakers.

They are different entities.

Finally, this may or may not tell you something, but iit must be pointed out:

Every day on A'Gon, you will find two or three pairs of used GR 60's for sale.

I have been watching A'Gon for years and years and have never seen a pair
of used Studio 60's for sale.

Tells me two things --- a lot of people buy GR 60's.

No one ever sells a pair of Studio 60's.

This is not to degrade GR 60's. They are competitive with anything In their price niche and anyone shopping in that price range should put them on their list of speakers to audition.

Studio 60's should be compared to much more expenive speakers, which is what I did before I bought them.
Studio 20's are a very musical, well imaging speaker that are considered a standard by many. The GR series is designed to play louder, sell for less and is tailored more for home theater use. Two different design concepts, in my opinion. I love the sound of the Studio series but the GR's are no slouch either. Studio 60's are my favorite speaker of all and the 20's are right below them.
Just curious: Can anyone weigh in on how the newer GS series compares to the GR? Thanks.
I owned a pair of Studio 20's in the 90's. They were detailed, excellent mid-range and better bass if they were loaded with 'sand' or 'buck shot'. They imaged very well, for example the height of a vocalist. They had great finish and build quality. I think it was poor decision on my part to sell them. If I see another pair of 20's, 50's or 60's I will buy them.

The current MA line doesn't seem to have the same build/part quality. MA now has a different build strategy focusing on global marketing with cheaper components. The cabinet build quality is extremely important not just for cosmetics but better sound - Sonus Faber, Wilson Benesch are good examples - the extra care & time spent on varnish, lacquer, etc has very specific purpose other than just cosmetics. The current MA line-up just looks and feels mass-market and consequently lot cheaper to manufacture. The sound signature of the GR line is about personal taste and you may rightfully believe a GR60 is superior to it's older counterpart. OTH as someone previously mentioned, those special speakers or any 'used' time-tested product is always difficult to get because it's in high demand. For instance, always difficult to find a used pair of Sonus Faber Extremas, Guarneri or Electa Amator II's - they are all out of production for many years but still considered exceptional performers. When they're listed anywhere, they won't be around for very long - that's a sign of strong value - because they are not just a pair of speakers but real work of art.

My vote goes to Studio 20, 50 and 60 over the GR's.
Amongst other speakers, I have owned the Studio 6, the GR60 and now own the Studio 50.
The GR60 (3-way with three dedicated woofer chambers) have front and rear vent ports and are very room-dependent. It's very difficult to control that bass. They are plain - the magic of the Studio series is all gone.
They are great with movies but poor with audio.

I found a pair of the oldies Studio 50 and replaced the GR60 which I don't miss. The Studio 50 has all the liquid and 3D midband/highs from the Studio 6 plus amazing audiophile bass (they're fully sealed).

Despite the aged concept of the Studio 50 and the hi-tech solutions of the GR60, the Studio 50 presents the soul of the music while the sound of the GR60 although detailed and extended lacks that life, or should I say old magic?

Have heard the GS60 and only found minor sonic differences to the GR60. To my hears it's the same plain sound.
No Sony the magic is not gone. You just don't have the right equipment or the proper set up. I've had many many speakers in the past and to me the Studio Series is still a wonderful speaker. I've used them in audio and video and there just great great speakers. I with out question disagree with you. Some people out there just don't have them set up properly and usually have poor equipment!!!!!There very revealing and can not be as good as they can be if you don't have them set up properly. You rarely ever see a pair of old Studio Gold series for sale either. I know these speakers upside and down and there still very hard to " BEAT"
The MA GS 60s is a very under rated speaker. And you are right, so many people do not have them set up right. Many are pairing them with not so good receivers, have a rack stand/TV between them, and have them back all the way against the wall. These speakers seem to be a big hit with people that using them mainly in a home theatre type situation. For music, if you set them up right, pair them with complimentary components, and your right, this is a very hard speaker to beat. How or why they do not get as much attention from the "audiophile" crowd I have not idea. IMO, they are great, especially for their price.
oops, I see you were talking about the Studio series not the newer Gold Signature series. Sorry.