Monitor with good midrange dispersion-

I'm looking for a pair of monitors to sit on the balcony of my large 24X22 foot room with 17 foot celings. My main speakers are Green Mountain Audio Imago's, which I love, but need a second set to completely fill the room with sound. Real low base is not important, because the Imago's have a great low end. I'm looking for a monitor under $1000 that provide room-filling sound. Any suggestions would be appreciated. - Lee
I don't have a specific suggestion for an under-$1000 monitor with wide midrange dispersion, but let me toss out some things to look for.

Dispersion pattern at any given frequency is largely a function of driver diameter. The smaller the driver diameter, the wider the dispersion. The logical solution would be a three-way with a dome or small cone midrange. I do sell such a monitor and it works well over a very wide area, but it's significantly above your price range.

If you must go with a two-way, obviously the smaller the woofer diameter and/or lower the crossover frequency, the better the midrange dispersion will be. You might look at the Amphion line, as I think they use unusually low crossover points in their two-ways.

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If you like the GMA stuff, and yer looking for a monitor for under 1k, why not the GMA europa? 880 a pair.
Yah, get the Europas, and you can use them for rears incase you ever build a hometheater, god forbid.
Keep a eye out for a pair of Green Mountain Continuum .5 two-way monitors. Roy no longer makes this model, but he did offer it with same hand rubbed cherry finish as the Imago. The drivers are mounted in a cast marble front baffle. This would be a perfect match with your speakers for looks and sound.