Monoblocks with lots of bottom end?

Hi, everyone
I am in the market for a pair of monoblocks with lots of power & bottom end. Any suggestion? I am looking at Bryston 7BST or SST or the Simaudio W-10. I am using a BAT VK-30 tube preamp & Magnepan 3.6r speakers. I have heard "Galant Divas system in virtual system" and was very impressed with his setup. He was using Musical fidelity kW (1000w @ 8ohm) monoblocks. I have never heard so much bass from a ribbon speaker (Scintillas). I am trying to mirror his system without selling off my mortgage. Any suggestion would be welcome & consider. Thanks in advance for your input. By the way, my current amplifier is Simaudio Aurora 7ch (200w/ch @ 8ohm, 400w/ch @4ohm). I am bi-amping by using 4 channels from the amp. Two channels are driving the tweeters & 2 channels are driving the bass panels. Thanks
One problem...even if you had the Musical Fidelity KW's, the Maggie 3.6's are not even close to a pair of Scintilla in any area of sound reproduction?...your mirror will be hand held in scale.

You could save money by simply buying a pair of Apogees...all the large Apogees are fullrange.

The three best amps I have ever experienced from the standpoint of dynamics, power reserve and superb bottom end are:

VTL 750
Audio Research Ref 600 Mk2
Tube Research GT 400

Of these, the VTL is the most reliable and the best buy financially.

Used, the VTL can be bought from $8000.00 to $9800.00 the pair and offer 600 to 750 watts per channel, depending on load.
Are your maggies fuse protected ? I know someone with a pair and say the blow fuses pretty easy witha older Aragon amp. Seems like it be a waste of $$$ for big juice with that sort of problem unless of course you have the fuses bypassed. I saw a pair for sale with the fuses bypassed on here.
Thank you for all of your responses. Looks like I will be going for a pair of apogee. VTL, AR 600, & GT400 will be out of my price range. My maggies are fuse protected. I have no problem with it so far of fuse being blown. I have been biamping with my aurora amp w/o any problem so far. Any suggestion on a Solid state amp or monoblocks? Thanks again for your input.
NO7tgn which Apogees are you going to go for. A freind has Duetta Sig. with Bryston 7SST hooked up, sound is nice. The Sim W-10's are great amps and what Albertporter mentioned also.
NO7tqn, I just wanted to point out that the bass response your friend is getting from his Apogee's, and your lack of bass response from your Maggies is room dependant. It would be a shame if you sold the Maggies, bought the Apogee's only to find you didn't have better bass. FWIW, I have powered my 3.6's with Pass X-600 mono's, Parasound JC-1 mono's, and currently am using a McCormack DNA-2 with SMC Rev. A mods, which is by far my favorite of the three. I hope this helps.
Maggies and the like are really good with the "digital" type amps that are out there. I have personally had the Bel Canto M300, the Carver Pro ZR1600, and the Acoustic Reality 1001, all monoblocks, and all have more clean, clear bass than the Classe CA300 and 400 amps I have had at the same time. They bring the best out of planar type speaker with their large amounts of power and controlled bass. These can be had quite reasonable here on Agon, and definitly have the bass forward sound you are looking for.
I used to use a levenson 332 with great success on my 3.3r's. I used to blow the fuses when I only used a bryston 4b st but the levenson was the sweet, and never blew the fuses- there was one on audiogon in the last few days about $2700 used. (I still use mine in my second system)
Rowland Model 9tiHC. They are truly differential balanced and thus should mate well with your BAT preamp. I prefer it with battery power supply.

Original Classe Omega. Single chassis, but two amps inside, two power cords, etc. Also truly differential balanced. Weighs 250 lbs. because of all the caps in it.

The above two amps are current monsters, which is the issue here, not wattage. Unlike most monster amps, each actually sounds good (especially the Rowland).

As for tube amps, I would take the 192 lb. per chassis CAT JL-1's over anything above, but it is like a classic Ferrari in every respect -- nothing like it, when it runs.
bryston. great balance and control...and you don't have to sell the farm to get'em. good with maggies for sure.
Driving difficult loads is not simply a matter of watts. I think these were designed to power the Apogee Scintilla's difficult load. I've read many positive remarks regarding their quality of design and manufacture. Do a search and see for yourself.