More Bass

I recently purchase a pair of Legacy Signature speakers from an on-line retailer. I purchased them unheard, but I did my due diligence in researching them and I would have thought with the 7" woofers and a rated frequency response of 22-30K hz, there would have been a bit more bass (although there is a couple of tunes I have played where there is some bass that is really deep and sounds all garbled, very weird, but I just won’t listen to those songs,I guess).

I bought floor standers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle that goes along with setting up subwoofers, also with all the space they take up and the negative WAF that goes along with them.

They are a little bright on the top end, but I’ll blame that on my room, it probably needs more treating, just limited on funds at the moment.

If I thought I needed subwoofers, I'm thinking I might have bought a pair of Fritz bookshelfs and a pair of subs, for probably less than the Sigs.

The price of Legacy subs is over the top for me, so do you think there is any way to get more bass without subs or are there any subs that are a bit smaller, that might do the trick as I am pretty limited on space (and funds as previously mentioned!) Thanks




@jeffseight - still have time on the trail period, but I’d just like to try and make these work, so more burn-in and I have to figure out some kind of inexpensive room treatments. I blew the motherload on a major remodel and this stereo. I’m suppose to retire in May, sure hope they can keep me on for a few more...

@tuberist - will do

@wturkey - switches sound better up, bi-amped sounds expensive! Do you toe your Sigs in at all?

@jc4659 - phase OK, thanks

Okay the trial period will save your bacon!

If you keep the Legacy speakers you may need the

Wavelet to tune the room. +$7k AHHH!!

The Coda gear is excellent.

Personally I would have suggested you try a "Swarm" approach

to enhance the bass with any speakers you buy. Legacy is a pricey


Why not go to Chicago in April and hear a lot of brands

at Axpona? 

Even my car stereo speakers sounded better after a few weeks of using them. Like your situation, the bass was rather weak at first. Same goes for my house speakers after I had new surrounds installed. Give 'em a chance.


What variant is your CODA #8 biased to (V1, V2, or V3)? The rated amp output nearly doubles per variant. I don't think you should be wanting for bass with the nearly full-range capability of the speaker. The CODA's are pretty ballsy, also. 

I had a similar problem with the bass output of my Kef Reference 1 Metas powered by a Luxman 590AXII. Many suggested it was my room. I then bought a pair of McIntosh MC611s, and my bass output easily tripled! I could easily fool someone into thinking I was running a sub now. 

Unless your room is the size of a movie theater, this one is tough to figure out.

@jeffreyw  - very interesting. Coda is configured as a V1 as I was looking for as much class A as possible

@jeffseight - Gee, I wasn't looking for any subs really, the Swarm is four!

I will give it more time and try to figure out the room some how!