Morrow Audio Cables Feedback

I would appreciate any feedback on experience with Morrow Audio Interconnects and Speaker Cables.

Particularly with McIntosh.

I liked Mike's cables a lot at first but over time they began to sound bright to me and friends. They could bite sometimes. I believe it was because of the silver coating.
I've had Morrows MA4 and PH6 for a few years and just ordered MA6s  If I love them I will keep if not I will do what I did with their power cord which was very good maybe even better than what I have but not worth the added expence for me.   Two of my friends are running the MA5 well one is the other has them on order. I was not there when the tried a shootout between the PH 6/5/4 and the MA4 and 5s but they both thoght the 5s were the sweetspot between budget and performance.One of them have a lower level SP and while not the last word for him he has them on a secondary set up and his very satisfied  in that application. 
I have been using Morrow Audio cables for several years now and I'm very satisfied. I have taken advantage of their trade-up program many times and currently run MA-4 XLR interconnects and SP-7 bi-wire speaker cables. My next step will be to move up to MA-6's. Love my Morrows!
Dr Morrow speaker cables are more insulation than copper.
The upgrade path proposed is nothing more than various levels of thickness.  Just like audioquest, who admits that the best bang for the buck is the type 4, 15awg for $200.  Not much different than Kimber, except that Kimber's chosen geometry has a true purpose for long runs.
On a budget, between easy pay for less copper and the good old fashion pure copper 12awg figure-8 or twisted at less than 1$ a foot, it make more sense to go with good old fashion.  Skip the upgrade path and go with heavy gauge for peace of mind.