Morrow Audio Cables Feedback

I would appreciate any feedback on experience with Morrow Audio Interconnects and Speaker Cables.

Particularly with McIntosh.

Over the last 20 years I built up an array of cables in my system including Goertz, Tara, Cardas, Audioquest, Tributaries. I decided to try a pair of Morrow interconnects. Within about 4 months, I have changed (read major upgraded) every interconnect in my system to Morrow. All others mentioned are now in the 'parts box'.
Jaw-dropping sound stage, top-to-bottom coherence, detail retrieval. However, more than most cables I have owned, you have to be patient with break-in. The Morrows take time to settle in. I'd strongly recommend taking advantage of the trial period on a pair.
level 3 IC is very neutral, extended and detailed

I would recommend them with systems that are a bit warm
I also own the MA3's. I agree with Philjolet's characterization of them, although keep in mind that the effects of cables are largely system dependent. Having said that, I'm very happy with them. I've owned several interconnects from big name manufacturers that cost 5 times as much. I don't miss them.

I also own Morrow speaker cables. I'm equally happy with them.

I own the Morrow MA6 XLR interconnects, SP6 Bi-wire Speaker Cables, and the Dig4 digital cable. They are very good cables, better than most , and I have tried many, many cables.
But, for my system, I prefer the MAC cables "Ultra Silver" with the 5N solid silver soft annealed cables they have the dynamics the Morrow's lack.
Great cables...I have used them with Mac gear in the past, sounded superior to other cables costing 4 times as much...

go to his web site and check out the pricing on his used cables for an introduction.
Hey guys. I echo what others have said about Morrow Audio cable quality and personal satisfaction. I agree with them. I purchased Morrow Audio interconnects and speaker cables when I first set up my system. Right now, I have the entry-level edition in both lines but hope to upgrade soon when money allows (or purchase a pair of used, higher-quality, Morrow Audio cables). Turnaround time varies depending on customer volume but you get great quality cables at an affordable price.
Running Ma3 rca cables and SP4 biwire currently. I had a Mac 6900 when I had pretty much all Acoustic Zen wire and tried some Morrow SP3. The improvement was substantial across the musical spectrum. I no longer have the Mac but haven't tried any cables that made me want to part with the Morrow wire. I also really like Clear day speaker cables. They have silver in them and I find them a little more open on top. Both extremely good sound and value.
i am using magnepan mmgs/emotiva xpa-2/peachtree decco preamp with morrow cables. i started with the entry level and was so impressed i now have sp-5 speaker cables, ma-3 ics, map3 power cords, sub2s, and digital 2. obviously i like these products. i also have a kimber set of cables and a set of wireworld. i like them but the morrows open things up. some people will question why i have cables that cost as much as my amp , spks and preamp. but everything is a project in development which is what i like about this hobby. also some people do not like silver in their wires but they work fine in mine. good luck and enjoy...john
We now offer a Easy Pay program, which breaks your purchase up into 3 payments to help with these money tight times for customers on a limited budget. The 60 day return still remains as well as the lifetime warranty.
Mike Morrow
We now offer a Easy Pay program, which breaks your purchase up into 3 payments to help with these money tight times for customers on a limited budget. The 60 day return still remains as well as the lifetime warranty.
Mike Morrow
How are the dynamics with the Morrows in general and the MA-3 ICs in particular. I have an extremely dynamic system and am picky about my cables. 90% of the cables I've tried, I find to be dynamically limited. I notuced that not one person has commented about dynamics. That's usually a bad sign.
I have tried the Morrow XLR 1.1 cables and they held up in a competition of three other cables only beaten by an expensive pair of Silnote XLR cables. The Morrow XLR 1.1 were very dynamic and an unbelievable buy for the price. The Silnote retailed at 5X the Morrow's and were a little more refined and balanced but I still think about how good the Morrow's were for the money.

I just purchased a pair of the Morrow SP5 speaker cables, 10' length. I run a very detailed system with a Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2, Wyred 4 Sound STI500 and Magnepan 1.7s. The Morrow cables replaced the JW Audio Cryo $10 per foot speaker cables. The Morrows are MUCH BETTER. They do not have any of the very slight harshness I heard with the JW Audio cables and are a little more refined as they should be at 5X the price.

I have about 150 hours on the cables and Morrows suggests 200 or more. They sounded very good out of the box and I have noticed only slight changes over the past two weeks.

My only goal is to add cables that let the music come across without any additions or subtractions. The Morrows do that and, while expensive, not crazily expensive like other speaker cables. They have a 60 day trial so are worth a try.
I liked Mike's cables a lot at first but over time they began to sound bright to me and friends. They could bite sometimes. I believe it was because of the silver coating.
I've had Morrows MA4 and PH6 for a few years and just ordered MA6s  If I love them I will keep if not I will do what I did with their power cord which was very good maybe even better than what I have but not worth the added expence for me.   Two of my friends are running the MA5 well one is the other has them on order. I was not there when the tried a shootout between the PH 6/5/4 and the MA4 and 5s but they both thoght the 5s were the sweetspot between budget and performance.One of them have a lower level SP and while not the last word for him he has them on a secondary set up and his very satisfied  in that application. 
I have been using Morrow Audio cables for several years now and I'm very satisfied. I have taken advantage of their trade-up program many times and currently run MA-4 XLR interconnects and SP-7 bi-wire speaker cables. My next step will be to move up to MA-6's. Love my Morrows!
Dr Morrow speaker cables are more insulation than copper.
The upgrade path proposed is nothing more than various levels of thickness.  Just like audioquest, who admits that the best bang for the buck is the type 4, 15awg for $200.  Not much different than Kimber, except that Kimber's chosen geometry has a true purpose for long runs.
On a budget, between easy pay for less copper and the good old fashion pure copper 12awg figure-8 or twisted at less than 1$ a foot, it make more sense to go with good old fashion.  Skip the upgrade path and go with heavy gauge for peace of mind.

I happen to use two different brands for my cabling.  I use the Morrows exclusively for all my RCA cables (phono level 5 cables, and level 4 ICs), and another brand for speaker and power cords.

I find the Morrows very easy to manage in and around my rack where one component needs to connect to another.  The other brand cables are IMO better sounding, but they are thick and hard to work with, not rack friendly.  Both brands are very timbre neutral.

Never heard Morrows but currently using Analysis Plus silver oval XLR and Audioquest GO-4 speaker cables, excellent combination.

Have been using Morrow’s Sub4 woofer interconnects in 2 different HT setups. One with a Definitive Technology Super Cube 1, the other utilizing KEF’s new KC62 subwoofer (a wife pleaser due to size & white color). The interconnects deliver excellent bass signals, with accurate results. I’ve decided to go with Morrow MA4 IC’s for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Past cables have been Audioquest, Tara Labs, Kimber & Signal Cable.

^^^! I'm running MA 4 xlr's from my Gustard dac A18 Wonderful tonal balance!