Morrow MA3 to Cerious Tech (non Matrix)

Is this worth it or is the Matrix really that large of a step up?

This would run from pre to power amp.
If I understand your question correctly the Matrix is better sounding than the Graphene interconnect to my ears, and I consider it a definite step up, especially if you can find one on the used market. There is a reason you don't see them come up on the used market very often.
And does anyone know how a Morrow MA3 compares? Like am I wasting money buying the GE instead of waiting and getting the matrix?

I don’t want to make a lateral move

the Matrix Interconnects are a big step up from the Graphene Extreme which is a big step up from the Morrow MA3. I have owned several Morrow cables right up to the Elite line and to my ears the Morrow can’t compete with the Cerious cables. Knowing what I know now I think it’s well worth getting the Matrix.

I snagged a 1 meter GE interconnect which will be here in a couple days. I'm happy with the Morrow but I can't have a half meter between amp and pre the way things are anymore. I only had a half meter cable due to using a passive, otherwise I wouldn't ponder a change.

 If I like the GE I'll replace the cords I still need to replace with GE and maybe the speaker wire too as Cerious speaker cables get big reaction on here. I'm definitely not unhappy with the SP-4's I currently run.

Pretty excited.
Cerious cable arrived and I installed right away. Highs are a touch hot but wow the music seems closer and it definitely seems to have more body. In a couple weeks I’m going to switch back and compare but this nice. And I liked my MA3. 
So...for what it’s worth
Colin Wonfor designed EWA SC and PC are better than Matrix, and cheaper. I am using.