most beautiful (looking) speakers

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"thank you, I too love Danish design! but what is it doing in the garage? :)" 

- @grislybutter 

Being built, by hand, one at a time...


According to Dynaudio, "This is where Heritage Special takes shape. Literally. It isn’t a photo-set, carefully dressed to look like a factory. It’s a factory, left as it is, with a finished Heritage Special left on the bench after Martin went home (he didn’t want us distracting him with cameras while he worked)."

I appreciate exotic looks in speakers, but I also love old school veneered boxes, and I've always thought that those Heritage Dynaudios are beautiful. 

Estelon Extreme’s look super cool but as Roxy said, I much prefer classic old school box speakers. Proac Studio 3’s are my favorite….simply gorgeous.

Woe betide you if you disagree when she speaks.

No, all seriousness aside.

Eminent technology LFT-8a ribbon speakers

Eminent Technology LFT8 Bravo

No really all seriousness aside.

Treepod White - Devialet

Devialet Silver. Get the Silver. It's not as loud as the Gold but the sound is more refined.

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