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We always talk about sound and sometimes about looks. I am obsessed with the speakers’ looks as it’s an expression of trends, evolution of design and technology as well they convey the maker’s philosophy about the sound and the capabilities of the speaker.

I went to the local audio store yesterday and saw more speakers than he ever had, his showrooms were stacked. It was a complete visual orgy. There were a few speakers I saw the first time, mainly Sonus Fabers.

If I had to rank, this would be my top 10 list, in this order

>> Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradiion - it is winner in any design competition, looks even better than on pictures. I was speechless

>> Dynaudio Evoke 10 - small is beautiful and so Danish!

>> Dynaudio Confidence 20 - even more Danish!

>> Totem Forest Signature - the rare exception when the floor standing version is better looking than the bookshelf

>> Revel Salon 2 - solid but nothing exciting

>> Vandersteen KĒNTO Carbon - it looks very solid, high quality but for a big piece of furniture like this, the design is a little underwhelming

>> Harbeth p3esr xd - if I didn’t know the name, I would call the design amateurish. But I do. And with that it looks cute and mature.

>> I have never seen a Marten but next time I am in Europe.... it’s my favorite looking speaker - from the pictures

>> Big fan of the Zu looks, never seen them

>> Lastly, most German Austrian Swiss audiophile speakers look brave and stunning. If I had to pick one as the best living room furniture: the avantgarde acoustic may edge out a win


One thing I have to note, I did not yesterday or have not ever seen speakers stands that I liked. Some look OK, some borderline aesthetically pleasing, but nothing to write about. The only exception may be Buchardt tripod stands.


I am wondering if anyone has a brand and model they find an absolute beauty.... that they can’t stop raving about :)

There are quite a few. But Sonus Faber for me. My third pair, Amati Traditional are pretty perfect… color, form, wood, and finish. 

QLN Prestige 3 look great in my living w=room and sound even better no matter the amplification.

Had Sf speakers and they did not cut it.

The most ugly speakers I owned sound the best, Raven CeLest speakers,

when my eyes are open i see Audi Phantom Black Pearl ;-)….. the sonics are off the charts…

I started dating this (in my eyes) very beautiful woman. I felt she could be the one. The 1st time she came to my place she decided to make comments. Off the top of her head.... 1.) You put on a little weight there, honey. 2.) Those are the gaudiest speakers I have ever seen. (She never heard them or wanted to) Needless to say the speakers are still in my house. Somewhat funny...she is not.

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"To be heard, not seen" and/or "To be seen, not heard?"

2 peas in different pods

An audiophile without an audiophilly is a single happy man?

From what I've seen in person the Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus sea shells are absolutely gorgeous, as are most of Sonus faber speakers.

I like the looks of some electrostatics, like older Martin-Logans and newer Quads.

My current speakers are a pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mark ll in burled walnut.  I would put the quality of these cabinets against any speaker on the market today.  Not just because I own them, but because they are a work of art.  That is not to say there aren't many other speakers of true beauty.  Just these are among them.  And as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

Since this is about looks and not sound (not to say these sound bad!):

Raidho C3.2 in Walnut Burl - something about the white drivers mixed with the incredible finish and shape just makes me drool. While these don’t sound anywhere near as good as Borresen’s later creations, I’d still love to have a pair

Avant Garde Duo Mezzo XD - Give me a quality SET amp and I’d be set. Get it?

MBL 101 X-Treme - Because who wouldn’t spend $300K+ to have these completely dominate the room they’re in?



MBL!!! I show everyone pictures of them and I think most people think they are lamps, lol.  I couldn’t card less, they’re awesome.  

I like Paradigm Personas.  So many options of colors and facias as well, so quite a few options.  The new founder series are pretty as well.


I really like Salks dyed wood.  Proac has beautiful wood as well.  I’ve seen some DALI’s that were really pretty and Monitor Audio has some gorgous red woods and piano ebony.  



Sonus Faber of course.  Sexiest speaker grills I’ve seen.  Leave it to the Italians for that old world wood and leather look.  Add in some high tech from today and they’re just gorgeous.


Focals are beautiful too and come finished in anything you want.  Their chameleon paint is pretty rad!


Rockport, Magico, Tidal, YG Acoustics, Lansche… there’s quite a few jaw dropingly  beautiful speakers










Harbeth, look like a child made them in your garage, Klipsch look like they are sold in charity stores, Zu have lovely cabinets but drivers look stolen from the old cinema on the corner, cheap B+W look cheap, expensive ones look expensive, Focal look like a fashion designer got off at the wrong workplace.  I have 2 pairs of Audio Physics, they look like German speakers (at least to me), Tannoy look like your grandad died and left you his old stereo, Fyne Audio look well, Fine. The rest are either boring or stupid. Pays your money, takes your choice.


Vintage, but as beautiful as anything today…the Tannoy Little Gold Monitors 🤓

check out the monitor audio platinum series absolutely gorgeous 11 layers of hand polished lacquer and beautiful leather front.

I have a pair of Crystal Cable, Arabesque, Glass Masters. They look great and sound even better.

Marten and SF. Altavox. Borresen. 

Some B&W, some Fyne, some MBL.

Bayz (some hate these but I love them, very good looking IRL).

Sonus Faber Lumina speakers look fantastic. May grab a pair of Lumina 1 or 2’s just for the heck of it, not that I need any more speakers. Martin Logan makes some beautiful speakers too. However, I cannot rule out the high end Tannoys, possible some of the most beautiful, unbelievable wood working skills and finishes. Just look at that Westminster Royal speaker, wow!.


Reminds me of the guy that sits on his couch eating a bowl of ice cream with his cat on his lap while commenting that he wouldn't bang the supermodel on TV cause her nose is too big.........😁

Daedalus Audio. Pick your wood and inlay design and let Lou craft you a pair of speakers that exude craftsmanship and pride of ownership. If you have a modern aesthetic look elsewhere but if you want something that blends into a room with fine furniture then Daedalus has got to be on your list.

1). Sonus Faber Stradivari

2)  Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa 

3). Kef Blades

4). Other non-boxy stuff. 

it’s not close, the B&W Silver Signatures....super classy....not really expensive. just the definition of elegance in a speaker.

the B&W Nautilus is not chopped liver either.

as far as the most beautiful speakers i have owned.....Kharma Exquisite Reference 1D......the cabinet is still being built now 20 years later.....i owned them’s now called the Classique. obviously a timeless design.


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Dali Epicon Eight.

I would choose the new B&W 801 D4, but tweeter too weird. Wish they would imitate KEF with tweeter in middle of midrange... 

I'll second the Jadis Eurythmie. I think Venture Audio also make a beautifully finished product.

I've been mesmerized by these since hearing them-Sonus Faber Stradavari

Not crazy priced too-$15-20K if you do your homework. 


Gale GS401A speakers look and sound amazing IMHO, especially considering these speaker are +40 years old. This is what they look like: