Mounting Kuzma 4point 14 tonearm on Yamaha GT 2000 turntable

After many years of owning this turntable I have decided to upgrade from the Yamaha arms. I have settled on the Kuzma 4 point 14. This choice means that I can never use the stock turntable dustcover ever again. Not even when not playing a record. The Kuzma arm is too sizeable to enable that. Luckily the large plinth on the GT 2000 can accomodate the Kuzma 12 inch mounting distance.

I know I will be the only GT 2000 owner with a 4 point 14. Does anyone have any tips ot feedback about the 4 point 14? Thanks in advance for any specific relevant replies


Just curious as to why the 14” version vs the standard 4Point which is an almost drop in replacement. 

The Platter on the GT 2000 is over 14 inches in diameter. Couldn't fit the 4 point 11 without the base of the tonearm touching the rim of the platter.

I had an Artisan Fidelity Technics SP10 Mk2 that had a modified Kuzma 4P base - it was smaller and likely for similar reasons.  You can contact AF or someone like Thom at Galibier Designs that can help you with a smaller base.  You can then weigh your options.

I have no wish to replace the plinth if that is what you mean.

I said the reason for the 4 point 14 as opposed to the 4 point 11 was the size of the platter. How does Artisan Fidelity or Galibier Designs change the size of the platter?


There is another solution for you.

Galibier offers a Kuzma 4Point Hybrid - the 11" arm tube  from the 4Point11 mated with the 4Point9 tower - mounting distance is 264mm. You lose the VTA tower - VTA adjustment is the same as the 4Point9. Should be perfect for your Yamaha which was designed for 10" arms.


!0.5 inches. Thanks for your reply Dover. I will get the 14 and make a new plinth for the GT.

If you have enough room around your turntable on your platform, you might try StereoSquares for a dustcover.  Custom sizes can be made.  


Plus no insult to Thom at Galibier. I will not be using any substitute tube. Not if NASA made it.

I have decided to start anew, strip out the old stock plinth and will definitely be utilisng an new plinth. I will ask all not to now suggest plinth builders. I have rethought the entire thing.

I am getting a Kuzma 4 point 14, because on the new plinth, the size of the platter will be the same. From everything I have read, a really good arm. I want it on my new plinth whatever I do.

This wiil be my last post in this thread. I know I shall purchase this particular arm. and i appreciate all who contributed. Sayonara from Koalaland.


Plus no insult to Thom at Galibier. I will not be using any substitute tube. Not if NASA made it.

You misunderstand - the 4Point Hybrid is fully manufactured by Kuzma.

Yes i did misunderstand. I am firm in my decision to purchase a 14. Thank you again Dover. This time for clearing up my misconception. Gracias.

I will not again be coming back to this thread. The topic of fitting a 4 point to a GT 2000 plinth is now moot. Thank you to all who read and and a special thank you to all who replied. Especially Dover.