Mounting Linn K9 Pickup:Pin Assignments

I'm hoping somebody out there can help, just got a used Linn K9 phono pickup, and the pins on the back of the cartridge are not color coded, like most cartridges are. I checked Linn's website, no useful info on K9's there. Can anyone help? Thanks, Jeff
Have Linn Arkiv. On Arkiv when looking at pins - left bottom pin is right plus out & left top pin is right minus out. Have simmple way of testing - get small battery powered light and run one wire to right tone cable pin & one to right plus out of cartridge - if lights you have correct setting. You are making a circuit. battery on one wire & light on other.
The orientation at the cartridge should be the same as that coming out of the tonearm where the cartridge leads connect. On my Linn, starting at the upper right lead and going clockwise, it's red, green, blue, white. Hope this helps.

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