RPG Skyline mounting on ceiling

Anyone out there with RPG Skyline mounting experience? I bought a total of 8 Skyline panels in order to tame the brightness of the room. I'd like get some of your insight as to how to place them and how to mount them on the ceiling.

RPG has two different ceiling mounting techniques listed on their web site.

Direct Attach Method:
- and -
Drop Down Method:

If you use the velcro strips provided, make sure you staple the piece on the ceiling...the glue will eventually not hold...
Rdr4b - Let us know how this works out. I have wondered about the effect of Skylines on the ceiling (it's the only untreated surface in my room), but I've never gotten out of my listening chair, pulled out the ladder and tried it out.
I mounted all 8 of them on the ceiling and was a little disappointed with the results. It didn't help much with taming the brightness. It does, however, help the sound stage a bit. I may have to find other ways to cover the French doors and other windows. I'd have to say this is not the best spent $1K in life.
(Somewhat off topic, yet relevant) I had my entire room's ceiling sprayed 1" thick with bleached-white cellulose insulation fiber. This is the same gray stuff found on warehouse ceilings, etc. It improved the echos & reflections considerably & was not very expensive, although it was quite a messy install. The cellulose worked well enough that I didn't have to completely hide the beautiful hardwood floor under full carpeting; a large wool deco. rug centered in the room does nicely. Also hung some artwork and various hook rugs on the walls all around, plus the curtains & stuffed furniture all ads up to some pretty decent room treatment and looks quite natural compared to the various treatment contraptions. I still do need to bass-trap one troublesome corner reflection though.
Bob, how did you determine the one corner bass problem? Boom...? Excuse my naivete. BTW, I have a similarly "cosmetic" treatment in my room and a rug covering the 1st reflection on the ceiling (yr cellulose is far better, I'm sure).

Rdr: why not try the usual decorative stuff on side walls, doors & windows: art, small carpets, heavy curtains for doors -- that look nice and absorb... perhaps, some of the skyline panels could be used for side or back walls with a suitable "cosmetic" touch (fabric cover?). I remember Abstract & others have been quite inventive in this respect with household items.

Good luck!
Hi Gregm will now try to answer your question ... (we've been away for holiday so I just got back online). I'm no expert regarding room treatments, but this one corner with boomy bass is apparent as I walk around the listening area. The bass accentuates when I approach the front lefthand corner of the room, and is also somewhat peaky at the left rear corner. Righthand side doesn't behave that way at all, as the room is asymmetrical. I'm stuck with speaker placement as-is but wouldn't want to change that anyway since I tweaked it for staging properties.
I think I need to experiment with a corner tune or a tube trap device or two, but haven't yet researched my options or educated myself regarding various posssible appproaches to fix. Roomtunes I am aware of too, but don't have space for those in our combo. listening room / living room area
Bob- found these articles on the Asylum by Jon Risch:
quick and dirty tube trap- http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/tweaks/messages/15737.html
you can buy the three rolls of insulation in perforated bags for about $60 (quick and dirty) or take the time to build the trap with the wire. I'm going to try the quick way soon. can't lose, you can return anything to Home Depot!
i put them on my tin ceiling in small greenwich village apt, app. a foot apart, but they must be suspended with small wood screws or they will fall down! They do a wonderful job. Neighbors come in and say 'How is it so quiet in here?'
Thanks, Bob. You could temporarily try absorbant matl in the corner behind or on the side wall next & slightly behind the speaker. For the corner, try covering ceiling to floor, if you can. If this helps, you can then look for the appropriately cosmetic application (tube traps usually sound better than they look-:).
Gregm thanks for the great idea! Also much appreciate your referral Kitch. That corner has always bothered me as there is a curtained window in the way. I never even thought of mounting "on the sidewall next & slightly behind the spkr." that's just a fabulous suggestion.
This is such a perfect example of why we should participate in the forums; you never know when someone is going to come up with a great suggestion / solution (to my offhand comment) & I wasn't really even seeking answers, so this is such a pleasant surprise! thanks again y'all!