Movie Soundtracks

My wife has been collecting Movie posters and soundtracks since before I knew her. She has a worn copy of Conan the Barbarian (1982)and I thought surprise her with the CD of the soundtrack.  Not only have I not found the CD, but I’ve not been able to find it on Qobuz or Amazon. I haven’t looked for the actual record, just the CD or Stream.

Any ideas?




That’s crazy! I have been looking for a couple of years and that’s the first! I have checked eBay probably a dozen times. I’ve checked the library and done numerous searches on the internet.

Thank You!


I went to Discogs several times and they only have Conan The Destroyer, not Conan The Barbarian.

@curiousjim  - Glad I could be of service.  Remember to tell your wife I'm the one who found it.  🤣

Any sound track by John Barry....take a listen and hear some great music...The guy wrote some Great Sound Track Music...


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