Moving cables around killed dynamics for days anyone else experience this?

I've been experimenting with different cables between components. Nothing sounds right since trying to improve sound with new mix of cables. There is no bass and boring, highs are okay but life is gone from system. So I flipped everything back the way it was still sound horrible. Ran everything 24/7 for a couple days still no go. Let it run a couple more days dynamics are back and bass is full big and has tone again and enjoyable to listen to. Can someone tell me why this happens. I've also moved just speaker cables around without unhooking them and seen this happen, I don't get it.
I think that measurement has value for design, independent of listening tests...

I think that listening tests have value for us independent of the measuring tests...

I think that the correlation between measurement tests and listening tests is great audio science...

But my ears-brain always smile, without or with science... :)
Interesting that the conversation has turned to Global feedback vs Non-feedback design, or simply we hear and like the audio waves that our own ears can interpolate not necessarily better specs in test measurements.

Distortion, distortion and distortion, we all hear and sum things up just a little bit different inside of our own minds.

Hey! @gratefuleric grab a strong cup of java and sit down and watch Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation and report back ASAP.
Schroeder is wrong. Cables develop directional molecule flow. When you disturb the cables that is compromised until they have time to form again. The wiring and the dialectric both. Some people believe that all cd players sound the same.
Cd players comprise mechanical parts & electronic circuits; Wires are just thin rods of metal. How do these compare in yr analogy?
Btw, are you sure of this "molecular" flow or are you thinking of directional flow of electrons?

Have you thought that maybe it’s you that is hearing differently? 

Your blood pressure changed, your relaxation of body changed, medications you are on affect hearing and blood flow, you are calm or your frustration changed and you hear different due to body changes.